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A little bit about Graham Phillips

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Женские Истории на ПродаМан
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    with poem on English and Russian

  Great Britain, Nottinghamshire
  A little bit about Graham Phillips
  24.07.2017. Nottingham. Graham Phillips and his parents. ** I saw his photos, I touched.
  I came to meet Graham Phillips and them all in Nottingham on 24th July 2017 too, but I was late - they had left Nottingham to travel to London already.
  I am a fan of British Journalist Graham Williams Phillips from 2015 when I had read about him in newsru.com article.
  He is a brave, attractive, a hard-working male with a huge enthusiasm and a strongest typical British character, making him a really strong British Lion.
  He is so sexual attractive slim male, so, he attracted both women and men by his appearance and by his figure and by his body language too.
  If someone had a chance to listen him singing song, it was a nice bright performance to keep in a memory after too.
  But plenty people had attracted still by his kindness, coming as this had been believed from his mother Kate side as the family education, making her son to have his own visions and to be strong to follow by his own tasks.
  His father Norman look likes my 2nd ex-husband's father, as my 2nd ex father-in-law, it was so closed, that I was really confusing to see him, as I was knowing him with another name and surname as my 2nd ex father-in-law by my 2nd ex-British husband. And just a look of plenty photos put me to noticed a huge gap in a height - Graham's father Norman is much taler righter my ex-father-in-law Mr. John Williams S. (*I do not put his full surname to keep a privacy) and so, they both are two different men. But I spent my free time, confusing, searching to find this fact.
  I saw such surname as PHILLIPS (Phillips) in my genetic cousins'es list as genetic cousins and still for people sharing my mtDNA H, H5a, H5a2 too (women and men with surnames Phillips as my speculative relatives by mtDNA tests additionally).
  This is not surprised me, really, as I knew about some of my ancestors were from British Impair and Europe too, so, I saw people, women and men from Scotland, Ireland, Welsh surname, English surname, ...including connected with Scottish clan Bruce and The Bruce here too.
  *** 1st Council of Russian town and capital Saint Petersburg was a man from Scottish clan Bruce and Scottish Royalty family The Bruce - it was 17th Century.
  Plenty people from British Impair and Europe moved to settle down to work and to live to Russian Impair for centuries, associated to be Russian Ethnic people here, talking on Russian native language.
  Russian Revolution 1917 had closed all borders and all family links and a mention of link with ancestors too. I am British Citizen of Russian Ethnic as my closed family ancestors lived in Siberia and Saratov and Moscow and Crimea.
  I am a genetically shake mix as foreigners from Europe area-Mediterranean-British Impair plus Asia plus touch of Japan too, etc etc, plus Brasilia, Paraguay, Canadian intuits (Eskimos), Polish and Russian, Italians (10 towns and islands Sicilian, Sardinia), Portugal Azores island, touch of Greek islands, some much more islands around all Word, a touch or genes of pirates - Rodger, The Rodger (11th generations back in time by special Rodger's web-side genetic calculation for YDNA of my father), Cortes, ... and more. Italian Borgia and other surnames. Some surnames as De Luna, De Lena, and others, and so, a genetically mixed shake of all genes.
  Russian Nobles from Orlov Province - Lavr Fedorovich Novikov name on a book of Russian Nobles of Orlov Province Russian Impair - Book published in 1914. He was a brother of my great-mother Daria Nikolaevna (Dakki), a student of Smolni Institute for females, they had been educated here from their early age. A mother of Dakki was a German woman, a beauty and a musician. * My father is in his early age played on a flute on his photo from a deep Siberian village, where plenty people used foreign languages inside their home sometimes, while changed to talk on Russian language, coming to streets.
  It was a mistery, of all these people and my ancestors, moving me to spend a lot my money to do genetic tests, trying to find a hidden secrets of my family and ancestors.
  Still my great-mothers talked on some foreign languages inside houses, but they did not teach own kids to know all these foreign languages. I managed to find connections via genetic test results in Genebase, FTDNA, 23andMe, and, downloading to Gedmatch.com - more via results compared with archaic DNA samples here.
  So, if to return back to Great Britain and England and Wale and Scotland, my mtDNA H, H5a, H5a2 as my full mtDNA would be belong to Scottish Shetland islands, family Bell, (Campbell), Hoaseson, Davidson, Johnson, end much more, as a Scottish genetic mtDNA pool for Shetland islands connects this, and to archaic DNA from England, from Hinxton village which is near Balsham village (village Balsham is making sounds so much closed to my surname, written from Russian sounds as Balzin or Balzina (may be still written as Baldwin or Bolsen or Balthin or Baltheen // Balsham or Balhsen )
  *** It was an ancient town
  Bolo - Bahl ,
  on Russian language this sounded the some. closed as
  Боло - Баль, and
  this some as for Russian words
  an ill - a pain - a sore - painful
  больной-боль-болит =[ бальной-боль-балит]
  Russian fiction name as Doctor Aibolit[Айболит] was a name of a medical doctor from a really famous Russian poem for kids by S. Marshak.
  Plenty towns were sounded with this ancient Bolo-Bahl-Bal - some around England - a village Balsham near Cambridge, a town and a castle in Bolsover town in England -
  + words
  a ball = a bold)
  as a play words
  "Something round, small, and bold,
  would be, probably,
  a ball."
  (*a poem by me)
  Bold Ball jumped, this and that,
  as it would be a ball dancer.
  (a ball dancer sounded here on a French manner a Ball dan'cer, danc'er)
  and if sounding
  a ball = a dance will come
  in a hall for us! ".
  a ball - мяч.
  a ball, a dance - бал,
  a bold - лысый
  Play of word.
  On Russian:
  Игра слов. Мяч
  "Лысый мяч пустился вскачь!
  Танцевал, летя от нас!
  Прыгал громко у ноги!
  Бал и танцы до зари!
  А потом пришёл в футбол!
  Много их на одного!
  И колотят, и ногой!
  - Отсель пошёл!
  - Запыхался танцевать,
  славных девок забавлять!
  Лысый, как парик слетел!
  И ещё, увы!
  Революция пришла!
  И опять - увы - скакал!
  Битый в голову ногой!
  Не сдавался, Мячик Мой!
  Я погладила рукой:
  - Ты такой-такой-такой!
  Звонкий и упругий мяч!
  У руки, Летящий вскачь!
  Таня мячик что нашла,
  В речку кинула - балда.
  А потом ревмя ревёт -
  Без мяча то пропадёт!
  Ей сказали: - Не беда!
  Не утонет никогда!
  Он живучий, он такой!
  Проплывёт, смеясь, уйдёт!"
  И Цветаева Марина
  О мяче твердила миру:
  - Вы как мячик от меня
  Вдаль летели навсегда!
  И послушны так рукой
  Вас пославшей, Мячик Мой!"
  Мячик оголённой гладкой кожей
  Холодит прохладно, и храня
  В тайне мысли свои все,
  он молча,
  И опять послушно вдаль летя.
  Под рукой как шарик,
  Как планета,
  Только маленький совсем,
  Упругость в нём.
  Скачет, звонко дробью, по паркету.
  По дороге,
  И рука, пославшая,
  Где ты? Где ты? мячик мой? Пропал?
  И в ночи уснёт он под кроватью,
  Или с игрушками со всеми,
  Тоже спя.
  Меч и Мяч, вы так похожи!
  Только букву убери!
  Поменяй "Е" на другую!
  "Я" взамен туда возьми!
  Мягкий и упругий мяч,
  Скачет, прыгая, всё вскачь,
  То взлетает к небесам,
  Будто вот чуть-чуть, он там!
  От Небес несётся вниз!
  И с хлопком к земле приник.
  И к руке он человека,
  Что девицы, что поэта,
  Что ребёнка, что мужчины,
  Даже котики и псины,
  Дружелюбием полно,
  Хлоп - и бъют в ответ его!
  Ну за что же? ты скажи?
  Он - не Меч? А Мяч Летящий?
  Потому и бъют
  Он снесёт, судьбой дано,
  И, запрыгая, уйдёт.
  И ни слова, ни укора.
  - Я люблю вас!
  Буду снова!
  *** Кстати, я нашла фамилию и Марины Цветаевой среди моих генетических кузенов по тестам, только написанную в переводе по английски как
  Blossom - Цветаева, Цветущая.
  Блоссом - Цветаева, Цветущая.
  Это "бло"- "бла", "боль - бал" боль-больной-болит = боль - бальной - балит".
  По английски мяч и бал пишутся одинаково - ball
  Слово лысый по акнглийски - bold.
  И я самом деле, мячик ведь ... лысый?
  ** Стихи на английском и русском написаны мной, как получились.
  Грэм Филлипс как Мяч. как Мячик. Скачет туда-сюда по странам. Лысый вот тоже как голый мяч его обритый череп и голова и он любит смотреть футбол. Очень интересный человек и личность интересная. Спасибо его родителям. И особо, его маме Кате.
  Мы так и не пересеклись и не встретились с Грэмом Филлипсой, "Гришей" в Ноттингеме 24 июля 2017 года. Я так долго колебалась, ехать - не ехать. А когда наконец-то решилась и поехала его встретить и увидеть, было уже поздно и я опаздала - они уехали с Ноттингема. Осталось только смотреть фотки с его вк страницы и других, как и по пренему было.
  Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин
  Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin
  "A little bit about Graham Phillips"/ with poems on English and Russian
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