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HALOV AV                             "Administrator"

   Book two sevenths               - 1 -               "Fairy Tale for anyone"

HALOV AV                             "Administrator"

Chapter 1.

   From the window of the seventieth floor of a skyscraper freezing New York looked weird and creepy.
   Ominous landscape resembled the sharp peaks of black rock, from below, from the misty blue-gray abyss that moved up to Low gloomy sky like knives stockade, and his sharp vsporov lice x low, quickly rushing over them, past the huge glass wall on all windows, billowing dark clouds.
   Yeah, frankly, the view from the window was not pleased! Cantemirs long wanted to see this city again. But now the view outside the window just depressing!
   Once there, now seemed a very long time, Vlad spent here in New York a few wonderful, happy days in the company of financier and Bitler and, in the era of communism emigration esc long ago sunk into oblivion of the USSR and its stunning and extravagant Ukrainian girlfriend and Veronica ....
   Once then, now with half a century ago, "Sir Bitler" l scrip safely settle in London, and the benefit of his education have allowed him to do it, and even very bad to get there by marrying the daughter of a tycoon. Few of immigrants managed to tacos I th enchanting kandibober, n Averno, units. Anyway, Vlad did not know any more such e w lucky. However, the Bitler and there also was not all smooth sailing, not all .... Even so, otherwise, how happy and Chick Balovnev e m call it fate was not miles I h.
   In memory of her bright surfaced image. Veronica! ..
   Oh, Veronica, she was really charming, extravagant, attractive and had that unique inner strength and energy, which he no longer met any of the women.
   B yt maybe she was not so clever as mixtures la, estimates Lebanon and able. H o and it does not detract from its charm and. Vlad still could not forget her.
   And syaky times n ri recollection of her Vlad somehow strangely heart sank. Why? He often asked myself the question: what was it about e in this provincial Ukrainian girl that still makes him tremble, though it's been so many years since they broke up.
   However, how much he values ??l, St. Veronica e la crazy not only him! Same Bitler fell at the feet of her charm and beauty, sacrificing his position, career, security, well-fed life, family, finally ....
   "By the way - thought Vlad - it would be interesting to know what he has this whole affair ended and smiling!"
   Bitler he had not seen for a long time as well as Veronica, and hoped that the rumors reached him were considerably exaggerated.
   Vlad thought again about it. On days and BEYOND story as Vero n ik and was in London, and deserved admiration, if the truth oh! ..
   Cantemirs casual heard about how Veronica using aircraft, suitcases and came to England Bitler. This was similar to the e banal fiction. Believe in this story was difficult, but, given the extravagance of Veronica and madly in love with her ??.... Sir Bitler Vlad whenever remembering her, forcing himself to believe it. Though .... Fly in the cargo compartment of the aircraft packed in a suitcase More Sex in the torus and thousands of kilometers on the boundary of the troposphere .... Perhaps it was an exaggeration. And why were needed so difficult? Do Bitler could not come up with something better and more comfortable for your beloved than a few hours to take her suitcase over all of Europe?
   No, this story was obviously invented. Only, for what? To W impress, including him? ..
   Bright in ospominaniya suddenly captivated powerful swirl it somewhere in the distant past were given, mixing with the former s dreams of the past. Was it really him or those wonderful days are only dreamed? Anyway, it was great and .... fun ....
   Vlad grinned.
   That memory led him to New York again. He had long dreamed of visiting here, as if that happy time and the people that were close then, and still waiting for it here ....
   But none of them was not here. Yes, and the New York changed since I was unrecognizable.
   Ow just winged it down to the bottom of the platform stratodroma, it became clear that New York is now more like Alaska.
   Unblinking Cantemirs looked down through the thick glass and s transparent wall of a skyscraper, still staying in the warm, sunny memories inside, and could not believe his eyes.
   By Artin for E GLASS s walls of the great hall as contrasted with what was left in his memory, that just scared her despair. But it was not a dream but a t ra i shna the come reality of climate collapse.
   EXAMPLE opportunity and he always tried to convey to humanity, and their thoughts about the impending danger, and his plan of salvation. But it was seen no more than a PR stunt his delusional, t ak believed the majority of the project. And every time the chance to meet s limaticheskie change s armed with humanity remains valos less. E th listened but did not hear any. A ll still going to inevitable disaster .... And now it happens la ....
   However, still had a chance. And the fact that he was likely to last m, attached to Vlad had determined to act. Had nowhere to retreat ....
   In a huge room with two glass walls, windows, with an audience of easy chairs and rows of narrow tables with reading lamps steel Come be people. With donenoisy and vain.
   T cuts memories themselves vanished, replaced by a gloomy reality.
   E mu upcoming performances. He hoped that he could convince people who are gathered here, and they are the people who sent them here, in reality and then of his project will help not only to America.
   In several places in the ranks between audiences on tripods were small camera. Near romping, forging equipment operators. Conference was broadcast live on the Internet.
   Global climate and technological change have long been destroyed TV, and events such as this conference, t EPER covered in the global computer network.
   However, it was comfortable ....
   Conference could see not only live, but then, when only will the desire and opportunity. However, in view it was necessary to pay. And only those who were really interested, could afford to find the means to view this event: password was not cheap.
   Cantemirs thought engi d always been qui t es n the porch and the engine of America, in contrast, for example, from Russia, where everyone always rule supreme folly sole asti is: who was it sweet, that fatten, vpadshie same in favor could hardly would pay off what money though.
   Money in America have always done everything and everyone on the mountain and joy to sadness and joy, to delight and sadness. Nowhere and never knew how to make money on people's emotions, to human life as here.
   Vlad once traveled a lot of light. But only in the United W tatah him the feeling that every passing minute, whatever it was, good or bad, crystallizes in the dollar, which falls into someone's pocket at th floor of someone's pocket dropping.
   America has always been a country where every man for himself, and not averse to make you money if you let it to him. Here it was impossible not stand the place, because, stopping, you risk being hit by an oval or gnawed to the bone.
   Once in my childhood, the sea, Vlad accidentally caught crab. He grabbed his thumb when Vlad in snorkel diving for shells and noticed lurking among arthropod swaying seaweed-covered boulders on the seabed. Crab claws grabbed him its so hard in front of Vlad darkened piercing pain. It seemed that the claw scissors snip off phalanx. Then for n, through the pain and the desire to disconnect, and then drown, barely reached the shore, and there are n o could not get crab disengaged: t from finger stuck into a stranglehold.
   Vlad remembered as squirting from unbearable pain viscous tears from his eyes. It seemed that he decided to saw off without anesthesia phalanx and systematically did.
   Local boys gave him all sorts of advice on how to proceed to the crab let him go. He did something, and the other, but nothing helped. Some advised his hand in the water. Then, they say, the crab sees that he is safe, and let the victim. Vlad rinsing hand and just held it in sea water, but it did not help. Others, however, advised to keep it in the air, and then let the crab. But the finger has turned blue, claws bled out, and the crab and not thought to weaken the grip. On the contrary, from the wild pain seemed to claw it compresses even stronger. And only when someone grabbed his hand, without explanation put it on a large boulder, and the second hit the top naked crab so that it cracked shell, claw unclenched.
   That's a huge and arthropod prey was small plunger for Rapanu Vlad Kantemirova.
   Then, not having lost two e finger he first and last time in this life caught crab.
   T rofey had to save. Vlad have seen many of souvenirs sold by local craftsmen, stuffed crabs on wooden stilts. And now from his trophy he wanted to make the same. Moreover, that was an excuse to perpetuate the enemy defeated in battle.
   Local guys suggested to put the crab in the anthill.
   So Wade did. A n outro detectable l that of arthropod remains one empty shell. Then, I remember, he was greatly surprised by their extravagance. Ants ate crab alive, biting with their jaws every time his measly piece of meat and carrying it to the nest. They gently gnawed everything that could, leaving Vlad empty and lightweight body arthropod looks evsh s side just like a live crab. Similarly looked crabs and souvenir sellers marine craft. Only those who were still covered varnish ....
   About becomes s smiling in America, especially in New York, in the middle of the ant heap of people infected, charged with the childhood of the "American dream" meant to become the crab.
   And Although New York has changed a lot over the years, somewhere at the bottom, in a snow blizzard at m lyutom frost still ran the same people-ants that gnawed easily be stopped and any unwary ....
   Empty seats in the hall almost certainly was not, but Vlad did not hurry away from the window and sit at the table of the presidium of the conference. He continued to stare out the window, trying to re-draw from the depths of memory those bright days of memories. But it is not worked. The decor is prevented focus.
   Gloomy, heavy, shaggy clouds to lubyas and letting down long dissipated metastasis s dark gray rags quickly about n o s and were past the window, falling asleep deep dark crevices streets, lost somewhere down in the misty veils e continuous sleep zhnogo charge endless stream sediments. They Prony with and were only slightly above the floor from which Vlad looked at inhospitable surreal, unusual eye for painting outside. Seemed that it ser th th klubyasch smiling terry veil carpet - ceiling sky, behind which there is nothing.
   In his Playback omi naniyah former New York was different: bright, vain, bursting with life, noisy and cheerful, with many huge screens on all kinds of board height streets flooded x entirely light neon lighting facilities and advertising.
   Now outside, downstairs, in the misty abyss, resembling dead cleft narrow gorge of a deep canyon, where snow was falling endlessly, could not see no lights. It was terrifying to imagine what is happening there. It seemed that there is no life at all.
   In the hall lit ceiling light, and this meant that the conference is about to begin. Electricity has become so expensive that it saved even in such respectable activities.
   However, since then, as America began to freeze, not only become more expensive electricity. Perhaps that is what killed the e billboards before zalivshuyu New York all night with colored lights neon signs, halogen highlights, scoreboard screens.
   But not only that.
   P Recreatives Products food, cigarettes, salt and even match suddenly, with the arrival of repeated from year to - To And that in North Merrick e never heard of and that there is such a phenomenon, and the concept of the word, as total trade deficit - that advertising has become simply ruinous, vain and not needed.
   Now n Recreatives Products wiped off the shelves as soon as they only appear in any range and at any price. Everywhere there arose a small speculators quickly dusted VS s any "outliers" how something cheap goods, and then pushing them under the counter at an exorbitant price.
   Following the advertisement ordered to live long and huge hypermarkets and megamalls because their large areas in total deficit became ruinous and quite simply do not need. Now business products was nezateyliv. It can be carried out without a huge shopping hall, directly from the warehouse. All the same products and essential commodities now disappeared from the market, barely appeared.
   It was unheard of! If today's American sample machines could be the second time for half a century has thrown back into the country, which was called the Soviet Union, he would have been surprised to find that n e is nothing but a plague of communism with a fierce chill, Skov VSH her with his icy ticks all the thoughts to the desire to live, now and snuck into his country, infecting his life, his reality, his economy what "Russian" , with which for Americans s were all natives of the USSR sunk into oblivion, chickenpox as a disease of childhood long ago.
   American to apitalizm with the onset of cold arctic shrilly skidded and falling apart. W amorozhenny suddenly fierce chill, he did not have time to develop an antidote to it.
   However, n onachalu in America and all believed that climate change are temporary, and everything will return to normal.
   When it became obvious and irreversibly s climate changes and it was too late.
   The new reality is that many things, and entire industries, especially thrives under the generous American sun, suddenly became extinct as the dinosaurs.
   With ended advertising.
   Advertise food became a deficit, it was pointless. Advertise fetishism same industry "Laksheri" jewelry and trinkets like decorated with diamonds in gold cases for mobile phones, expensive watches, decorated with Swarovski crystals, chairs or armchairs mahogany and ivory yacht, which is now simply had nowhere is not even that swim, but approaching, small aircraft for personal flights, helicopters and cars with reckless powerful engines designed for dizzying in its swiftness An ultra trips as a mirror surface, highways, it became pointless.
   All the forces which could only gather a people, were now focused only on survival.
   Highways and airfields were bombarded with endless snow drifts impassable for six months. In the remaining six months of airports and highways were only a pitiful sight. American asphalt from permanent unusual for its composition of diurnal and seasonal variations in temperature that reached up to fifty degrees sometimes peculiar who came to America sharply Continental, a bit north and the Arctic climate, crack, crumble, forming a huge crater as after the bombing or shelling the pit straight on the roadway, making it impossible to use aviation and dangerous driving on the roads at speeds in excess of fifty miles per hour. Although, "Russian", Vlad knew it firsthand on such roads half a century ago adapted themselves to go under two hundred kilometers per hour. Perhaps their experience could be useful to Americans now find themselves in connection with nagryanuvshaya severe climatic changes in difficult traffic situation because repairing asphalt continuous tape, as before, is now ruinously expensive because of the need to do this very often, sharply upavsh On its road traffic and that is not allowed to pay back the operation of roads in such harsh conditions, catastrophic snizivsh egosya chisl and wanting to ride on gasoline, one drawers it now as good champagne, and borrowed from the same "Russian" "patching" road repair was a temporary measure, vicious and vulgar, from which the road even more frustrating.
   However, the "Russian" to share their experiences speed driving on the highway completely broken does not hurry. They had other worries now. Climatic changes also affected Russia, which still plagues was to not get used. However, now there oranges grown in Siberia and the far north of the city, built on permafrost, rapidly sank into the swamp. And lately l uchshim means of transportation in America began counting be smiling or bike in the summer or snowmobile in the winter.
   Died tourism, because to get from Europe to America, from America to Asia became much more difficult and much more expensive. Climate change decimated the usual traffic flows. Many places in the world, and it is affected not only America have changed beyond recognition. Where yesterday were beaches, mild climate and moist tender sun shone today were severe frosts or, conversely, sizzling shestidesyatigradusnaya heat melting everything from human brain , отказывающихся думать в таких условиях.
   No one now thought, but apparently, according to what was happening everywhere, the world's population rapidly became impoverished and endangered.Worldwide mainly unofficial slogan was the desire to survive in the changed circumstances at any cost. And life is rapidly inflate the price of the right to live.Consumption of excessive pleasures, to which can be attributed, and tourism, shriveled beyond recognition. The bulk of humanity suddenly found itself on the brink of survival, and now frantically clinging to life. Nobody could tell how long tolerate this attack. Most would like to believe that it will soon cease. And the first time the authorities of all countries of the world with great diligence cultured hope for the return of former times. This lasted until until destructive changes in the economy, as the bones through the skin Decaying animal sdohshego not climbed out, denoting an offensive global climate Apoc whether psisa, and with it the economic collapse of human civilization.
   Advertising and tourism did not die alone. The whole world trade began to slip. Habitual ways of shipping in some places zatorosili countless clusters of icebergs in the other, on the contrary, warmed up to forty degrees Celsius ocean gave rise to such ferocious hurricanes and typhoons, in comparison with which the former could now safely write to discharge a light breeze. Impoverished population, deprived of work, cut their spending, sending all remaining still in his disintegrations oryazhenii financial resources for the rapidly growing food. However, he was not even looking at hyperinflation still not enough, some arable land turned into the permafrost, while others have become red-hot and arid desert lifeless.
   Whether it was surprising that the production of everything that was done before in abundance, now would minimize? Expensive cars are no longer in demand, and "cheap" become so expensive because of soaring to the heavens ore prices, coke, gas, oil, that produce them became unprofitable.
   All world commodity production covered collapse ....
   Book two sevenths               - 1 -               "Fairy Tale for anyone"

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