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   Cantemirs began his speech is not as it was planned. He did not expect that it will begin to say what had just occurred to him:
   - You know, until you came into this room the frozen until going in the midst of this magnificent building was once the most prosperous cities in the world, I stood and looked at the window, the raging there in the abyss beneath us, snow and fierce gale at forty degrees and frost this little time that was left to himself, he changed his mind a lot ....
   He gave the watchful eye of the audience, suddenly genuine attention and interest in him.
   Behalf of the majority present were tense and interested.
   It instilled confidence and gave strength to talk to Vlad.
   - In front of me suddenly flashed a lifetime - he continued - and opened a picture of fundamental principles of human existence! And so I begin my speech by saying, why not even supposed to start it. I will start my presentation with ... morality ....
   Swept through the hall light sly, which like a breath of wind on the second drowned rustle million spiny snowflakes whizzing at breakneck speed for the transparent walls of the hall and scraping on glass skyscraper.
   Cantemirs again looked around the room, and after a pause, continued:
   -Yes, you heard right. I'm not a preacher, but I will begin from that! Because what you see now outside the window - he turned to the transparent wall and made ??a sweeping gesture with his hand on the window kazyvaya, the white veil bushuyusch its storm and, - is, in fact, the result of its absence! Until now I only have probably realized it! Just this hour!
   The hall Again, if the answer to his words rolled sly indignation Cantemirs but paid no attention to this reaction.
   -All of us without exception - he went past the index finger outstretched arms room, then put his hand on his chest - including myself, used to apply morality in a confined space, as if letting ourselves out of this space, these laws not observe It's hard to believe, but a couple of minutes ago, I did not even think about it! .. About who or what to vi thread that happening there! - He again pointed to the side of the transparent wall behind him. - I am very much worried as expected start of the conference. And you know what? I worried in vain! I was worried not about that! .. Yes, I admit, I wanted to tell you about your project and then try to convince you to give me money .... M is not, in fact, requires a lot of money! When I say "a lot of money" - which means that I need so that no one billionaire and not able to give me the same amount! .. By the way, I originally expected that the costs will be much more modest, and the results will be seen soon, but I was wrong ... I'm not an economist! I'm an engineer, so ... yeah, forgive me my investors, but the project just choking from lack of funds! That's what I had to speak in front of s.
   But, as he stood and looked out the window, remembering my life, I suddenly realized that I need to ask you not about that. I have to ask you to become a moral people ....
   Civilization begins where morality begins. Sounds corny, jaded and pathetic, is not it?
   But let's look closely at how it works in reality. If you require someone from compliance morality, without considering it necessary to meet these standards itself, it is immoral.
   Are not only immoral people. Immoral are a community of people, the government and the entire state. "What is allowed to Jupiter - not permitted to a bull" - x watered expression to justify immorality. It remains only to classify themselves as Jupiter, and dress up your opponent in a bull! And can behave towards him as anything immoral. But I want to see that your opponent is no particular reason to be bound morality, and even more so to fulfill the role imposed on you. Why should he do it? Just because you assumed the position of Jupiter? .. Questionable basis! And t hen who had "become" Jupiter begins to impose the role of another bull. He applied e t force to moral norms are respected opponent. And from that moment morality cease to be. Morality under duress - is not morality, is a parody of morality is immoral!
   And here we come to the question of interdependence n moral spine and civilization.
   Moses received from God the tablets of the Ten Commandments, marked the beginning of a new civilization. However commandments must not only have they must also comply with! They must comply with all, without exception, and to comply voluntarily!
   Failure to observe the commandments if any - is hypocrisy. And the hypocrisy - the path to the decline of civilization. The man does not keep one commandment of the ten, no matter under what pretext, does not comply with all of them. His morality collapsing domino effect. And society is collapsing domino effect. And civilization perishes at height of his power, not understanding why this is happening!
   Already happened more than once. We are not the first civilization on this planet. You can search for different causes disappearance of previous civilizations: climate change, global flood, a giant meteorite fall, supervolcano eruption - yes Anything! Remark ears can draw whatever you want! But the reason for the collapse of all previous civilizations, which we do not even know or know firsthand, in legends and myths, lies under the feet, the most prominent place! And she, like Mr. and strange immorality in defiance of the rules, compliance with which is the basis of the existence of society and civilization.
   Here and now we are on the verge of collapse. In principle, we can already say that we have passed the point of no return. And now we can ask only about how to actually organize a new civilization, to arrange its existence in the new environment and try to instill in its adherents awareness of the need to uphold morality ... or let everything go as it is. In the first case, you will need to make an effort, including the moral force to give the money to the newly emerged the savior of the world, and those who can not be there. Second .... Second, you can do nothing or pretend that undertake something! But something small, insignificant, conservative, directed only a slight improvement of the current situation, however, the result will be the same as if you did not do anything awaiting the end. It will come! Not your personal end! I'm talking about the end of civilization! And now you face a choice, to make an effort and pass the baton to a new civilization that is still barely visible, or be the last of the Mohicans dying community of people, the existence of its final end. And then the way to a new civilization will be tortuous and long. He will lie through millennia Zab veniya, savagery and loss of any recollection of that once we humans have been on this planet. Of course, those who sink into oblivion, it seems not important! But think about that before the high court of history, the universe, God, you will be the ones who do not pass the baton, but rather lack of will force morality! You will have to judge the supreme court for that, having all possible resources, are you afraid to use them, and enable mankind to perish ....
   Cantemirs felt like choking. It was strange, but he did not have enough air to say the words, as if cast upon him a sharp glance from the audience stung him like a wasp and not allowed to breathe. But despite that breathless he went on to say:
   - .... And here I am standing in front of a strange contradiction. I'm not the messiah - it accurately. You're telling me it!
   And I stand before you, taking on the role of the Messiah. The question is, on what basis? Just because I thought of something invented, offered mankind? But this is not enough to fulfill this role. So you have to decide for yourself. I only tell you that you can take to the survival of humanity ....
   Cantemirs paused again, trying to catch her ??breath. Was uncomfortable with the fact that for some reason he is suffocating. Fiery speech from throat dry, he poured water into a glass carafe s and drank one salvo before continuing:
   - You know, even if you do not accept my plan, people will survive! Very few .... Those who lived before and under conditions close to subsistence farming, with almost no access to the benefits of civilization, such as medicine, modern medicine, electricity, water, sewerage, loans, subsidies, highways, transatlantic l Eigner and Airbus. They even if will feel the climate change that is for the most part, remain alive simply because it used to live in conditions of deprivation and earn their meager livelihood and the only affordable way for them s: cultivating the land, hunting and subsistence farming. Of course, there came to permafrost and arctic cold, too, will share their unenviable. And those who can adapt to new conditions, and will be less of them. But! .. Te, who resin gu t, will live as has repeatedly happened before.
   However, in the case of taco m, it will not be civilizational me! Neither the old nor new - will not, in general, no civilization! It will just pitiful remnants of humanity, by the way, the vast majority of illiterate so that many of them even read and write properly will not Umet s.
   In this case, we can talk about the death of civilization! F ecause civilization - is not only a set of achievements and capabilities of its media management around the world, but also the rules of the hostel in the world of their own kind!
   There will be no media engineering, knowledge, morals - and lo achievements of our civilization will sink into oblivion! survivors will no longer be carriers of information about the results of the progress achieved in the development of mankind. And ahead of those who will live, will wait and Sufficiency darkest era, endless times, times like the Stone Age. Human consciousness to descend to the level of primitive people because of their degradation, died down from generation to generation. Survivors of humanity completely feral and many centuries will be engaged only one - to fight for survival. Labour productivity, if on such general appropriate to speak in a subsistence economy with the most simple means of labor, and later without them, because they in the absence of industry standard ut luxury and later disappear altogether ut, fall a thousand times. As a result, the survivors for the next thousands of years will be able to subsistence production, hardly sufficient even to maintain their lives and feeding a few children. A hunger and disease with tons Anuti as natural satellites remaining on the ground of humanity as they ever were, in ancient times.And if the first generation after the remaining climate apocalypse may also be something to pass on to their children as a remembrance of a vanished civilization, the next - is unlikely. I think that in a few generations, five or six - no matter, people generally forget that such writing. And their vocabulary narrowed to a couple of hundred words required to ensure primitive life.
   In the best case, after thousands of years, if some memories remain of our humanity today, it will be unrecognizable distorted myths. And then after many thousands when develop and stand on your feet new, unknown to us civilization, maybe she will be some strange legends about on with that will, to put it mildly, very roughly to transmit an idea of how we lived. And hardly on those myths can be at least in the near approximation to recreate what was our humanity. Think about it, what's left of us to the point where a new civilization will reach a level of development that will be interested not only in its history, but also begin to assume that before it existed on Earth as intelligent beings . So has happened several times! In particular, and humanity is no exception! Only at the turn of the twenty-first century, we have become timid assume that until we were unknown to us civilization, that the Earth as well as to us, was the native house. We know something about Antarctica, which existed during the infancy of mankind, rather than tens of thousands of years before his appearance! We heard something about Lemuria about Hyperborea! But really, nothing about any of these civilizations we do not know nothing. M ezhdu those still M any scientists believe to humanity on Earth were only dinosaurs! While the facts, geological excavations and finds extraordinary monumental structures clearly artificial origin, dating back hundreds of thousands and even millions of years, says the opposite! Up to us on earth existed sentient beings possess the technology, which humanity has failed to achieve! Why do I say in a tone as if humanity has ceased to exist? Why am I talking about n e m in the past tense? Yes, because in the current environment mankind only one chance to survive - is to spend all possible resources and efforts on the development of the proposed project to me! So, as I see it! In the fullest! ..
   Cantemirs stopped again, but choking already let go, and he went on to speak of the silence of the hall, broken by the hum of a heat gun and scraping glass snowflakes:
   - Think they will find us after a few thousand years on earth? .. Nothing! We have nothing monumental that existed to the same time, such as the Nazca Valley, Stonehenge, the pyramids in Egypt and South America. Our facilities, our homes, our monuments, our churches? They are primitive and are not designed to stand millennium and it is all dust for centuries and it is all short-lived! A few hundred le t neglect them nothing left! Only the sand!
   It is unlikely that people on Humanity about deserved monument s about yourself! Unrecognizable home planet in pursuit of profit corporations, these monsters that have arisen as a product of evil disguised as good and welfare. Corporation - what it is in the light of future knowledge of us who would later humanity inhabit this planet? Surely they would have a completely different structure of society! And then they will be completely incomprehensible how humanity has managed to destroy the planet to enrich a handful of their representatives by poverty and suffering of its overwhelming majority. Perhaps they will simply not clear what, in general, this enrichment. And then they say that those who lived before us, were killed because they were stupid. Yes, stupid! And how else can one call the structure of society in which its rulers, the pinnacle of civilization, do not care about the welfare of the body of civilization, its people, the vast majority?
   Look at our history from the side view inhabitants of other worlds, or the views of those who will live after us Goals: This product of our modern world looks wildly We all, all of humanity, are involved in one universal farce called consumption. And as n and it is funny, but for consumption is not meeting the needs of all members of society, at least in the elementary things. This goal is just still not interested in any of those responsible for the future of our civilization. The purpose of this consumption is profit! Profit at any cost! Profit handful megamagnatov, seized all controls planet! And why should they profit this - it would be reasonable to ask? It's not salting without saving? Although they, just the same, probably, thought that the zeros in a computer program or a sheet of paper indicating the banknotes, a measure of wealth!These people, finding multibillion state, has long been separated themselves from humanity! They have become moral monsters who do not understand that all of them bogats TV exists because there is life on Earth. I can assure you that they have lost touch with reality! And what you see now outside the window - confirmation! These people have separated their wealth not only of human life, which it was created. They even believe that human life and their wealth - things are not related.
   I do not know how to explain it, except t it, that these people lost feedback, otherwise known as the "conscience" with humanity, which they now hold no more than consumable, long-cherished plans to reduce its numbers. The only thing they overlook is the fact that, together with the number of people living in the world the size of their fabulous wealth to decrease proportionally, and when humanity will disappear altogether, mountains of gold and safes with Dr. engami, tons of diamonds and jewelry will not represent bo lshuyu value than roadside dust ....
   Cantemirs speech interrupted again, because in the hall heard unhappy, increasing noise. Raising his hand up, he paused, waited until everyone calm down and continued yatsya:
   -Five minutes of patience, gentlemen! And I will not keep you more! .. So, there is a paradox between the intact yu those who have achieved incredible power and considers it necessary to "mow the lawn", and the results of their accumulation of wealth. I would call it scissors consumption.
   Not for anyone, probably no secret that wealth arises only where there is cash flow. In turn, the cash flow depends on the size needs um e lei and intensity of consumption. The intensity of consumption depends not only on the willingness of subjects to meet their needs, to acquire objects of consumption, but also on their ability to do so. And it depends on the size of their wallet. So, in the late twentieth century was invented immoral way to by universal constant impoverishment of humanity continuously increased consumption growth wa be the benefits of civilization. And this method was based on three pillars: accelerating moral and physical deterioration of most goods, reduced their prices by a continuous decline in the quality and durability and as long as possible the provision of resources for consumption and allocation of computing time more distant future.
   Consumers began to lend as much as they needed to be consumed, it is not consistent with their level of income. After all, the most important was the growth of wealth and debts included as assets under capital moneybags, gave good growth of the mass, called the balance of the corporation. It was still the best way out than the former, when manufacturers simply destroyed the results of overproduction. So the cost is not destroyed and turned into someone's debt, which was much more profitable in terms of doing business. Why destroy the results of overproduction, bringing widespread damage when you can give it to the poor in debt, and then later, after a time, to require them to pay? Let this debt was dubious, but return it at least a tiny fraction have been better than just bury the results of work in the ground!
   As a result, mankind has received the paradoxical situation of rapid increase in consumption of about pinching the growth not only on the number of er, but his income!F inansovye organization whether subsidizing consumption lending until literal imposing their consumers who only expressed a desire to buy something. In fact, they cheated their pockets air, creating the illusion of prosperity and pushing for the acquisition of more and more goods and services. The banks did not care that people receive their loans for consumption and services, were not able to pay before they have issued loans to others, and then more and more of the same bank. But anyway loans issued. A d olgi steel endure out in the future. And here, quite incidentally, arose Inventions ix new way of recording information and when the debt has become inextricably linked with the flesh and blood of the debtor! Bankers learned to account debtors directly into their DNA, adding there a special gene chip case w ivshy accounting for the balance payable. W ith this bankers fear itself disappeared bankruptcy, despite the fact that the debts poor majority of humanity in front of them all the time increasing like a snowball. But this is no longer worried corporation because banks invented what gave them the Law demands eternal life pierces many generations of the poor! Debt could recover now and through dozens of generations of the debtor.
   As you know, soon, as a result of this economic expansion of consumption, imposed to the haves, have-nots in the vast majority of them not only become their lifelong, but post-mortem is due ikami! Now debtors were no longer men, but the whole clan branches! Humanity in decades of unbridled, mindless consumption should become fabulously wealthy handful of people the world for generations to come.
   Unborn children of parents that uncontrollably consumed Yali blessings of civilization should have been tycoons.
   Besides, to increase the intensity of the consumption process, and hence the sales growth was invented another method. He lay in the invention of "disposable" consumption. The meaning of it is to replace almost all the things that could last a long time before, say, several generations of people, things, "disposable", which were not only designed only for a short time or a limited number of cycles of use, but did not respond to any repair in principle, or new cost is much cheaper than repaired.
   As you remember from the beginning of "disposable" became trivia, the same syringes, cups, forks, spoons, plates. But in the end it ended up that the quality of complex household appliances, electronic equipment, cars and even weapons was a "disposable".
   It was cheaper to take a hundred new than to repair one old thing. Yes and t echnology me tsya steel, improving, so fast that vesch and morally outdated and hardly becoming the property of the consumer i. A mass production and constant updating of plastic made it the main raw material for the production of all that was done primarily of metal, paper, natural fabrics. Even many food began to be made of plastic! Milk, flour, sugar, chocolate, meat - all this in the end was made of plastic. A natural products have become a luxury available only to billionaires! And why should drink whole milk simple layman, if the milk made from plastics nothing to taste, color, smell and other tangible qualities of it is no different!
   The production has become so high-tech and cheap, the new car is more fashionable model, the previous cost less, and buy new was more profitable than to repair the old one. And the maintainability of complex devices to be continuously and deliberately, systematically, time from time decreased, and consumers by advertising and ideology imposed stereotypes of society that it is easier and cheaper to buy new than to repair the old one. In fact, it was so.
   Corporations spared no money on advertising, the cult fashion ideology of "disposable" applications, reduces things before the former value to the essence of the material service that he was not sorry e discarded after a single use.
   Actually give elk so that if something before people could buy to invest money earned in a certain thing, then on the last time s ene facilities for such investments is no more. Eventually and thus the intensity of consumption is growing rapidly. W ith all this deterrent consumption were blocked. Corporations have ensured that the poorest sections of society is hardly earned money immediately spent on consumption, leaving nothing on the accumulation. And what could be the accumulation when all the polls were due to corporations? And now earned money does not even get into the hands of the poor, as immediately went into the corporate income ....
   Cantemirs examined hall. Showed him smiling, that he is surrounded by vipers, who are just waiting to throw his sting. The only thing that stopped them - no signal leader. And while he was indistinguishable among this crowd.
   Vladislav suddenly thought that nothing at all, began his statement. It's no wonder that something so tempted him to flee. But he tensed, remained. Now I had to say anything until the end. For him, it would have nothing not changed.
   - No such thing as durables, - he said, carefully tracing the present look - disappeared from the lives of people forever, because even items such as a hammer, shovel, drill, car, phone - all produced on the robotic factories, cost is very cheap and became cheaper, and it was beyond repair.
   In fact, both the car and the phone, and almost everything that has most recently served lo at least a generation, now turned on camping in the beautiful but short-lived, cheap and unfit to repair things, more similar to the service. The whole world has become a service for the consumption of things services. Moreover, even the means of production of these "disposable" things become "disposable". Those robots that do car factories machines have now become of manufacturing and pour "disposable" plastic. Their price, quality and durability as well all the time were reducing. In the end, they too turned into a kind of services and because they were intended for the production of s only a single brand vehicle I, say, or iron, which in turn very quickly mentally and physically and valis izna w. Now the "disposable" whole steel plants that after the fashion of a particular model or after the calculated amount of the production cycle is simply flared, or more simply, replenish the mountains of garbage.
   With all these innovations and measures taken by the magnates and their corporations, the intensity of resource consumption of the planet has increased manifold, which, in turn, repeatedly increased profits of the corporations themselves, and therefore their magnates. But at the same time, with mass consumption goods producers "disposable" factories working almost without people with robotization all spheres of trade and services, also vykinuvshey people on the street, billing demand repeatedly declined. At the same time consumer debts have reached a time delay times already great-grandchildren of the consumers themselves.
   Cantemirs paused for a second, but, suddenly, that will stop it now, would be slaughtered immediately continued, barely a sigh:
   - As you know, in the end humanity fell into the financial crisis, accelerating fused with excessive consumption. And paradoxically, but the purpose of our civilization in the final century of its existence was not effective development and intensive increase in the consumption of everything that can be consumed by all available means.
   Humanity has become a farm for self-reproduction and breeding hamsters that need to eat, drink, play more and more, while still having it less and less cash and more and more falling into dependence on corporations. In the end, cash and non-cash, cache, as an independent, separate from the biological life form ceased to exist among the ninety percent of the world's population. Nine out of ten people were only debts owed ??by corporations and became inseparable s now from media, from their bodies, from their genes, but because of their flesh even in future generations, as the whole world would be tycoons for generations to come . In everyday life in this part of mankind were only lending money, which represented bills sewn directly into human genes through a special portal to lb and whether at the hands of man e.
   And from that time the class division of society began to occur on this basis. Do magnates and rulers of the world it plaques on the skin of the hands or forehead was not, but all consumers and it was like sewn credit card. H emnogochislenny class magnates and rulers since that time has become different from the vast, vast majority of human genes from the purity of its debt obligations. While the latter had not only caused specifically billing passport on hand or on his forehead, through which data on the amount of debt recorded in its DNA, but also gene s contaminated debt. They passed all the descendants of the debtor. And now the master race differed from the race consumers the level of genes. It is understood that about any marriages between offspring and descendants magnates consumers no longer out of the question.Their genes became simply incompatible, and they became the physical layer is rejected, resulting in offspring of such links appear just could not!
   So it was put into practice right magnates generations through the centuries to receive their income from the previous consumption of the planet's resources with yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's consumers through their grandchildren in the bud at present.
   Since then, children were born of ordinary people have with debt before corporate tycoon s, hardwired in their genes, and the children were born magnates secured not only by the current capital, the right to collect debts from the living and future generations of consumers for many years and even generations to come but with clean, refined not disfigured engineered DNA.
   And because you know what? .. Since the creation of mankind within the DNA gene "chip", responsible for financial relations with corporations accounting for debt man before them, also issued as a blessing: "Oh! Mister! Oh, sir! Oh, dear! You have no money to pay us? It does not matter! Neither for you nor for us! The problem is solved very simply! We will implement in your own DNA chip "gene", which will take into account just how much you owe us. And you can continue to enjoy all the pleasures of consumption goods of civilization! After all, thank you for this and live! Who will pay? Well, no, of course you! Not only do you! .. I mean, not only you, but your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They will help you pay us for your debts. Do you think it's horrible! Hardly! Just think, they will be worn from birth in their genes debt, and they will not get used to pay and be properly! No, well, of course, the more you give, the less they give. But it is your right - to consume, and it is your right to leave your heirs debts! Of course, they are not guilty that it happened .... On one side! But on the other hand, they were born from you, and this is already guilty in front of us! Rather, sorry, not guilty, but simply must! However, we do not insist, but then .... then you will have to immediately return to us all that you owe us, and to refuse further consumption! "
   You know, very few people have enough intelligence to do so! Especially that pay immediately, as suggested by tycoons, many were not able to: their debts were already heavy. Others, anyone could do it, just could not resist the temptation of consumption. When you have a small salary, and all around, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, and only do that uncontrollably consume all that they can, on credit, is almost impossible to resist! Especially that the chances of such austerity move watershed and become a tycoon who does not know of any restrictions in consumption or in the inflow of money, as they were, and remain almost zero! Only that, but because this one does not think such a failure will remain a man, and not turn into a bio-robot, processing planetary resources in the trash and ephemera, alien to the very nature of the universe - an abstraction aggravating existence for some other fabulous pride expressed by records in gene-chips biorobot consumer. ...
   But this failed to materialize ephemerality. It penetrated into the matter, and not in some, and in living matter, becoming together with the spirit animating it, its invisible but palpable attribute!
   As a result of all these metamorphoses debt mankind small group of tycoons tal not only comprehensive, but also three-dimensional, because acquired fourth dimension - time, which stretches into the future through the generations, from the consumer to her - to consumers ancestors-descendants.
   And it d OLG, wired in the genes of people became that watershed, the Rubicon, which can not go! It separates and now forever free, "clean" person from the consumer, as well forever, for many generations of their descendants forward mired in debt.
   And if tycoons many years ahead of their children provided capital, investing it, including in human capital, literally sewing up his DNA in consumer debtors, consumers have become forever second-class people, whose genes are now generations passed debt corporations.
   And even if with one of them be a miracle, and the consumer through many, many generations in the future chance of freedom from debt, its genes will still be built in "chip" for the record, which can not be removed! And as if people did not try, its genes will be different and not compatible with the DNA s "clean" people ....
   Cantemirs a breath and paused again to track the audience reaction. He knew there was not a single person with the mark on the forehead or right hand, and then it was interesting to see the reaction of these gentlemen.
   The room was quiet, and it was good again hear the prickly snowflakes outside the window, taken onto hurricane scrabble as microscopic glaziers, mirrored surface of the glass wall of a skyscraper.
   After listening to this tense silence Cantemirs continued:
   -Now it is very well heard outside the window glass scratch race result global consumption. Climate change - that's the price paid for the consumption of the planet's resources beyond measure pollution and its mountains of debris that decompose later than disappear from the face of the earth last concrete structures mankind. But it is also the human cost of what it allowed tycoons to intervene in their nature to change their genes to a reward for it to be able to consume without any measures tinsel, called the creature comforts! Spiritually mankind fell so low that, unable to curb the immense absorption of the planet's resources, which previously did not know any generation of people allowed to abuse the very essence of his life and burn itself into the DNA "chip" gene debtor, section E g of nav with when thou two incompatible classes of beings: slaves and masters.
   Of course, classes existed before, but never more determined at the genetic level! People were united, and any slave could hypothetically become a master. But now it has become impossible! Nothing, no work ethic, no asceticism, no diligence or seven spans in the forehead man born from the consumer, can not now get rid of the gene into the DNA of the debtor and the stigma of the hand or on the forehead! As much as he was good and diligent, it will remain just a consumer! And Pinocchio become a man more likely than the consumer free of the stigma of a man! ..
   Since then, as moguls figured out how to do through providing opportunities for unlimited consumption of debt on which th l By recording smiling straight into DNA and without any limitations prior to birth would valsya debtor of the things of the world population herd "Gratitude's Massow's consumer it "capable of infinitely consume less quality and more short-lived and cheap in every sense of the products produce th s their corporations receiving exorbitant margin of ever increasing volumes of consumption of all kinds of E Shura and husk, since it is the consumption of began to grow exponentially. Turnover rate of funds, and hence the rate of leaching of the planet's resources significantly increased. This was facilitated by fashion, deliberately cultivated by the media, and the rapidly evolving advertising and falling consumer culture, forgetting centuries of national traditions, and decreasing each time the durability and reliability of things, faster aging, both physically and mentally, and intends to unfavorable archaic and repair procedure that whatsoever! .. In the flesh before the treatment of the human body and reconstructive surgery. It is no secret that today more than half of the body "inferior" races of mankind IME e t, up to fifty percent of artificial organs, tissues and parts of the skeleton. And their production and consumption and n is left to flow on the same principles as that of all other commodities: time from time deliberately worsening No. quality and durability, and cheapness and availability allow consumers to consume more goods more inferior quality. Some consumers to get rid of at least part of the debt, at Con firmed sell special cryobanks their real bodies and replace them with cheap plastic. Others it is simply forced to do. Many of these organs and body parts began to act up immediately upon expiration of th warranty period. They seem to have been designed only for this term ....
   -A young man! - rang out suddenly in the middle of silence someone irritated voice from the audience. - A young man! Enough! ..

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Новые книги авторов СИ, вышедшие из печати:
О.Болдырева "Крадуш. Чужие души" М.Николаев "Вторжение на Землю"

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