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   After returning from New York, held a demonstration Cantemirs launch cargo spacecraft, which he invited guests watched from North America.
   U.S. Congress delegation had to spend a couple of weeks, studying the main stronghold of the project Alpha Aproksima, Madagascar skaypolis but Cantemirs no doubt now that the agreement on the financing of the further development of the project, namely, promoting the construction of new and energoplatform skaypolisov towards North America, was in his pocket.
   When run it entrust Americans people who better than he could show them to megaenergostantsii energoplatformah skaypolisa around Madagascar, industrial zones and farmland, providing the inhabitants of the heavenly islands products, goods and work, airfields and lower ocean terminal where loaded with liquefied gas and artificial oil tankers delivering their cargo to where it was still possible to get through to just above freezing by mid-latitude oceans most of the year, and he were about to return to his duties CEO of the corporation "Exo Terra", suddenly plunged into self-indulgence.
   And H soul like a cat clawing and Vlad could not understand what was happening.
   P redchuvstvie something unkind haunted him. And it was not clear why the anxiety arises.
   It seemed to bother n e was no reason. Everything was still not bad .... But not good. Any particular breakthroughs in advancing the project, those that have occurred before, you leading it to new heights, not used and not yet ylo foreshadowed. But even this is not worried dix it truly. There was something else, something implicit, hidden from view, he did not know, but the subconscious, dedicated to the future, is a worrying about it for it to manifest in the dim consciousness for the future.
   Vlad d overyal your intuition rarely. He was brutal, as expressed by some of his acquaintances ladies, man, and believed that intuition, this tool refined ladies, his thick-skinned nature unavailable.
   H on he knew that if such a condition occurs, it is because that anxiety from the depths of the unknown even made ??its way through his armored consciousness will not accept any subtle vibrations beyond, it was impossible to ignore: it portends serious and unpleasant events.
   He was just one example of where such happened to him. But the event has turned upside down all his life, and because he realized with alarm that goes from nowhere not to be trifled.
   It was so long ago that seemed to happen in another life. Now it was different around him were other circumstances and people, and from the former Vladislav Kantemirova no trace. Meanwhile, a young, naive kid and this unworldly, began to turn gray wolf life, the gulf in size decades. Perhaps this should not have even remember. But wild pain of inexplicable betrayal, like a splinter, so deeply, then dabbed forever in his heart that remained in it until now, going along with it all the metamorphoses and testing fate.
   Once long ago, for no apparent reason, that's the same as now, zaskr fucked cat in New Year's Eve Kantemirova soul.
   He then was on a business trip, thousands of miles away from his family, his wife and son. More than anything, then Vladislav wanted only one thing: to celebrate New Year with his family. Honestly, stupid for twenty-seven male desire. Five years of marriage already had an impact. But here he was so strange to many then, and now, years later, and for yourself, a family man, and could sacrifice for the family, even his work, career and position in society. In his quest was nothing ostentatious, and he sought to do so in spite of all odds.
   But things were so that the holiday would then point away from the family. Before trip in mid-December Vlad tale l wife that would return on New Year's home. He promised that he would do it at any cost, fly even for one day, and will meet with them a holiday, and then fly back to the place of travel. N o at about e mu replied:
   Do not worry about us! There is nothing wrong in the fact that we greet the new year without you! Do your job, then come! How much time you need to complete it going? ..
   Month-need somewhere! ..
   Well, that's great! .. At a marketing year old H pospeesh! ..
   But Vlad was firmly set:
   -We have never met this holiday apart! I'll think of something ....
   Do not talk nonsense! ..
   -I'll fly, meeting New Year to you, and then I would come back! ..
   Wife still protested, but he was adamant. She probably did not even believe that my husband will one day fly over five thousand kilometers, and as a result ....
   As a result, when Vlad fulfilled a promise he had no family with tons of scarlet.
   In those days, in a closed n ozvonit town was impossible in principle, and cellular, now available to all, then there was no one except the oligarchs. And because Vlad Isla, although I promised, but as it turned out, for all returned unexpectedly.
   O n well remembered as a time when he was ready to go home, scraped on his mind cats, like all the way home I caught myself thinking that commits some unforgivable stupidity. Something in my heart and tempted him at every step back back. And on the way home, when transplantation in Novosibirsk, he almost bought a ticket back.
   But Cantemirs cheated all this cowardice, but because how could tamed trembling ing hock your soul and move forward as if against a strong headwind, to his family, not even trying to take time to overpower him obscure but powerful anxiety. And as he could understand its nature? He was not psychic.
   So deep longing and anxiety mastered s suddenly his soul instead of the joy of the approaching meeting with the family, then Cantemirs explained simply: he left the place without travel demand none of the authorities did not know that he had left an important object to their court by, and by the way it gnaw quite understandable anxiety. X hile Vlad and calc Ng al that in the past no d in December, where a man may be, all will not have to work, we all start "Christmas-tree" mood, but if opened, he went home, he would be fired without conversations.
   Knowing that those it can easily "pass," he said of his plans even to his subordinates, and just disappeared into nowhere. To everything was normal, Vlad hoped that the third of January, when all and superiors and subordinates sober up, he already will again as if nothing had happened in the workplace.
   Vlad even now he could not say what they then moved. He felt that it was the love of family. N o sometimes, many times, after all, he found himself thinking that it was the love of self, it was selfishness and recklessness, which is not expected from him.
   But be that as it may, what would they then do not move it in the p alsya forward to the family, as if the New Year, met separately, could separate him family. first half he was riding on a train, then a few hours of flying on a plane, and in the end, hiring a taxi in the night I came home in the Siberian wilderness, and ....
   Taken by surprise woman elected the best way to protect the attack.
   She gathered her son and took him to a new "daddy." No New Year with his family did not work, and Vlad Isla suddenly, quite unexpected was owls seed alone, without family, without love, without a purpose in life.
   What about Mr. saw then the whole meaning of life and for what worked hard, sparing ce b I, earning a happy life - suddenly everything was a hoax. He did not even know that everything can disappear so easily that his family suddenly suddenly cease to exist as a beautiful but very fragile glass Christmas toy, badly hung on paw ate, tore with her ??and smashed on the floor.
   And only then, after returning home, he learned of betrayal, tochivshem knife behind his back for more than a month ....
   On the way back from the moral strength Vlad islava then not enough. And what was coming back? Something for which he tried to disappear, as if for his wife all that was in their life did not matter, and she easily and naturally, without experiencing any moral agony, stopped family life. As if their family for her meant nothing.
   It was very scary - to learn that the woman with whom you shared your life, your destiny, no longer a personal experience for you, even hostility, but still continues to live next to you, at any time ready to break away and fly away, like an autumn leaf from a tree, and in the bosom of her long ago harvested stone. And the fact that he was always, since the conclusion of the marriage union between them, turned out invaluable ka, very important: the experience of their life together, memories about the family's holiday ah, travel and adventure x x, together experienced moments of joy and sorrow, birth of a son and his education, joy every day to see near your dear, beloved l yudey seemingly replenishing them together moral piggy bank, giving a sense of unity and cohesion, bright minutes joy of togetherness and proximity to each other, years of labor and hardship, deprivation and poverty around the world for the safety and the well-being and I'm their unit of society - everything was suddenly expensive just for him. And she is his favorite and the only woman, his wife, his friend and fellow member e in life, all of this has long been indifferent and even weighed.
   When Vlad was married, he counted as wish the newlyweds live life with his wife, sharing her joy and sorrow, till death do us part. But it was much more banal!
   However, perhaps it was the death. Only death is not the person, and the other not less important creature that lives in the human world invisibly, though present everywhere, the death of the family.
   H eskolko the first days of the new year, Vlad did what he had never done before. He drank soundly. When she came back for some things, he tried to get her back, but suddenly on nyal that it is useless. Appeared that lived with him w omen as if only waiting for the slightest reason to execute the sentence of their family. And he gave her such an occasion! And now she was relentless.
   Cantemirs then suddenly discovered that he, in general, is not a fool and do not freak out, she was not interested at all. Absolutely! First, he still hoped that she plays with him to knock him out of the best conditions for his return to the bosom of the family. Sometimes it seemed to him that it was her temporary love kink, twist that will soon pass, and she Ozna wasps had made ??a mistake.
   But then he saw the light and realized that everything that has happened, quite satisfied with his ex-wife and was like a premeditated plan her Mrs. situ. As if he did not, and she made ??him suddenly back if its as if no one is waiting to take her by surprise ....
   Since then his work almost immediately fired. Ow only to discover that he voluntarily left the place an important trip and suddenly found himself five thousand kilometers on ceremony with him did not. And all rolled into a ditch.
   Maybe if she returned smiling then he would have found the strength to forgive her, just for his son, who was very fond of, for the sake of family reunification, although the former is certainly not already been.
   But ... everything turned out differently. And it overnight from budding, competent and intelligent professionals to become long, hopeless years of his worthless life in marginal ....
   He could not understand how he managed to climb out of the pit of the quagmire in which he hit for many years after the collapse of the family. Perhaps only his secret and a great dream, his Alpha Aproksima, which seemed to him even more distant fantasy, but, despite this, the burning in his mind lodestar through the long years of darkness, poverty and loneliness, then saved it from total destruction. After all, by the will of fate, no matter how and why it happened, one of the blank on the bottom of life, and from there, like hell, almost nobody and never chosen. Something inside man was unquenchable light even on the darkest day his fate to the incredible happened, and he was worthy of the rare exceptions to the rule and emerged from the abyss back to life.
   And Cantemirs surfaced. He always knew that he must fulfill his dream once invented and build this heavenly floating miracle that called Alpha Aproksima. And when the family suddenly vanished, and in his life there is nothing left except this cherished, but so far away, almost ghostly star, he still grabbed it like a drowning man at a straw. And she dragged him through all that stuff that was waiting at the bottom of his life, and then suddenly, when it seemed already and hope it does not remain, er pulled about, like a jet plane up, literally, at the sky. Many times, when there was a hell of existence at the bottom, he even wanted to spit on his dream that in such moments kazavsh th smiling him delusional fiction sick imagination.   But unlike women, the dream could not betray him, because it was in his soul, was a part of its very essence. Part with it, he could only himself, already betraying her, his dream, his idea, his great invention, its beacon oblivion of his mind.
   Yet Cantemirs was not one of those who betray. And the years of torpor turmoil in his personal life, throw it in the darkest waste of life that he had never before had no idea gone, vanished only because, even in the most difficult and hopeless moments of his then-Fate, when Vlad was in the balance from death, he never forgot about his great dream and clung to her like the tail of rushing through the darkness of chaos comet that once carried him to beam m radiant sun, which he no longer hoped to see.And now, thanks to their faith and allegiance to the dream, Cantemir about to bathe in such a pleasant, warm and gentle rays of honor, wealth, joy and glory.
   Of course, he was still lonely, and it lacked a partner in life. But this he did not hurry ....
   However, once Cantemirs decided that again wandered about the happiness of love. True, it was a little strange, not like they dreamed about Mr. find it. It was in London. And she was the girlfriend of financier Bitler, and her name was Veronica ....
   Cantemirs if his senses. Heart ached painfully from the incomprehensible alarm. And once upon a time, he found himself thinking that may not can understand its nature, and therefore can not determine where to wait for the impact. But memories of the pitch darkness, which has become a reality then, many years ago after t ak oh here and obscure nagging anxiety made ??him great worry now ....
   But he, undoubtedly with toilo calm. Booked - is forearmed!
   Now he knew that such anxiety that fell upon like that, and suddenly out of nowhere and captured the soul entirely, adding in everything that happens around him vile brown sauce, Stains impressions of reality can not be ignored! But before do something worth calm down. Perhaps so bare essence would hide from ei of attention somewhere nearby, in an ambush against him, problems.
   He sat for hours at the window now, pododvinuv huge leather chair to a huge, porthole on the wall, and tried to find peace of mind, to which she was lacking now. Vlad l observed over how the scaffold, located half a kilometer away, on the ledge, at the corner of the lower edge of the vertical wall skaypolisa now and then, one by one, jump down sky surfers soon vanished into the depths of the abyss beneath skaypolisom, against the blue of the ocean.
   It was surprising, but Mr. and scaffold continually throughout the year, the benefit of numerous energoplatformy provided at the equator is not hot, smooth, soft, even without the daily temperature extremes climate, from early morning until late evening vengeance boiled some strange, incomprehensible to outsiders, those who can easily do without it, life.
   Skayserfingistam seemed after what was, nor that the entire planet outside the equatorial belt in chaos climate collapse, nor that their eyes appeared in the sky and now constantly swim in it, the whole sky is dotted with giant flying islands, one large, and skaypolis Madagascar, and many smaller, but still gigantic proportions, megaenergostantsy platforms, nor that the majority of people on the planet now in other parts of the world, far from the equator, it was not until sports, aerial pirouettes risk of mortal danger, adrenaline, records and medals.
   Athletes quickly adapted to the new conditions change the planet, built at an altitude of five kilometers, the lower edge skaypolisa floating in the atmosphere near Madagascar, a special area, called for some reason "scaffold" and whitefish with her ??for his own pleasure, as in nothing had happened, no matter what, year-round from morning until late evening.
   They were now very comfortable. S no longer need to lease aircraft. Yes and no aircraft could not accommodate right t ak th number of applicants, which was collected at the site of a scaffold.
   In the Height of was now always with them, are always available. As if suddenly appeared very strange rock ledge, incredibly high cliff jumping from which it was impossible to inexperience crashing into the rock under the cliff because there was nothing.
   Jump has become much easier, safer and cheaper. Well, where before, until a nice Madagascar skaypolis could find a safe and comfortable, so high, with all the amenities inside - hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, cafes, bars - rock!
   And as soon as he appeared, as fans have skayserfinga significantly increased. And they all settled here in Madagascar skaypolise.
   They painted the sky over the ocean around their brilliant bright colors in the sun suits, boards and backpacks parachute behind. Them except jumping to anything else was not the case.
   With literally occupied portsmeny All living complexes QUENTIAL Madagascar ray skaypolisa making this flying island its tacit capital, as once chosen surfers Bahamas, is now in decline for six months in the midst of the freezing ocean, and instead to dwell in despondency or loss from occurring in the global climate apocalyptic metamorphosis, enjoying life.
   Floating city authorities even had to reallocate most of recreation areas for new hotels, completely stopping the sale lived th fund. The case took on such a scale that even appeared skayserfingistov its own glossy magazine version of which was here, on Madagascar skaypolise.
   And Cantemirs, being now a wealthy man, but knowing the prices in the capital Alpha Aproksima, did not stop to wonder where these people are taking money to bespresta continuously, throughout its vast swarm stuck in a five rooms most expensive hotels in the world. E If global banks would not have been in decline, he would not for a minute doubt that skayserfingisty regularly rob their offices somewhere in New York or Chicago, where, however, have long forgotten what a bank 's TV service.
   Although skayserfingisty were not alone.
   The fame of the most convenient place for jumps from dizzying heights inexplicably lightning spread across the globe, and in the wake behind them skaypolis chosen Madagascar and other lovers of all kinds of air sports: parachute surfers of all stripes, riders, skydivers, gliders and gliders .... And now floating in the sky equator air metropolis reminded by hanging in the air beehive constantly surrounded on all sides by several swarms of multicolored "bees", shared to the same sky around his sphere of influence.
   But since before his cabinet was skayserfingistov scaffold, and they were the first who appeared Kantemirova sometimes even want to join these carefree people and spit on everything and his age, although he still felt young and healthy and strong, to spend my life with them, in a roll x and pirouettes in the air, in the sense of free fall, followed by efforts of the human spirit, thus forcing the body still and fabricate various pas without regard to the fact that, in the end, once the parachute is not t cutting smiling.
   Yes, indeed! He was worthy to spend the rest of his life so! Fortunately, he deserved it though because not only invented, but also managed to create a whole fantasy world, this heavenly place that athletes are now used with such ease, as if all of the floor there was always about.
   "Ah, youth! How beautiful you are! "- Cantemirs looked at young bodies fearlessly shedding from the scaffold down and gets up in the air dizzying pirouettes, competing with each other in complexity, finesse and quantity figures.
   Of course, Vlad seemed that no one among the jumpers of his age, and because Sun yaky time as soon tired of the indifference of observation a eniya them, struggled to suddenly jump out of a deep, comfortable, decent wise life, lived on the old man's chair and rush the scaffold, stopped himself, and not making a couple of steps.
   It had seemed that join these happy people meant to step in his youth, which he now for some reason, maybe because she mockingly could not just take it, he was afraid.
   But while remaining tsya in his chair he wanted less. It would be great if they are not in spite of everything, took it as his own. In no case did not want to discover that he, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, which owns this paradise, whitefish with pimply teenagers into the abyss with a height of five kilometers, and even with nothing, as it should not do that.
   It would have been an obvious embarrassment for him and unnatural state of things for everyone else, those to you from morning to night stuck on the scaffold. They were with him not only from different generations, not only from different social strata, but also from different people in outlook. Cantemirs knew much more about life and therefore, by bearing down on his experience, just could not be like them, carefree and happy.
   Besides, he just could not get to the scaffold without protection. Moreover, he would have to jump and with security. And if Mr. nickname of storage and did not like kids, whitefish with him on the boards for air surfing, it still would accompany his fall on elektroletah, creating awkwardness and even the danger of interference to other jumpers.
   Security was put to him by post. And he could not and so for just say the guards: "You know what, guys, wait for me here! A alshoy myself! "
   The guards escorted him constantly. They were with Kantemirova and in the cockpit stratoplane when he took them to manage, and in the cabin elektroleta, if it happened to go down to the surface of the Earth. Unable to get rid of them and on the scaffold. And the established order, he was not entitled to change. But with so undemocratic accompaniment to appear in a crowd of teenagers that nothing else but the jumping board, and do not think it would, at least, ridiculous. Yes he would have felt at ease. Not to mention the permanent inhabitants of the scaffold, in whose cheerful, carefree world invaded least some hundred p th dyad ka serious and ready for immediate action by the guards. After this strange occurrence and awkward jump, patrons scaffold certainly would consider this place now cursed! And then not only a platform for jumping - all hotels Madagascar metropolis emptied at once would. One of its reckless invasion he could destroy this colorful, cheerful world skayserfingistov that some time was a real treasure air metropolis. T eat more fans of this hobby rentals provide capital Alpha Aproksima constant and good income.
   Vlad imagined how he got into the habit to go to the scaffold and jump! And laughed heartily .... He suddenly imagined myself l Rtina ka, ka to Leonid Brezhnev, under whose reign he spent his childhood, suddenly got into the habit in due time, at the end of his era, when the country was mired in a total deficit, ride his government in any Zile Provincial gastronomchik on the outskirts of Moscow, or, in general, somewhere outside Moscow, where the people from morning till night in crowded terrible queues hoping to buy a piece of sausage, and who knows what for would be to play at all, and would be held together with the old ladies of all stripes Cleanup would be there every day, surrounded by a bunch of quirks Muzzy leader of the Soviet people's guards, scare regular frequenters store, instilling in them a wild terror of his inexplicable love for buying sausage in this Prodmag e ....
   And yet, it Irova Kant in very s like at least once in your life with this wonderful jump invented skayserfingistami scaffold!
   It would be very nice if it happened incognito and without protection!

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