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Save Ras

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    2013, the government of RF try to destroy the Russian Academy of Science and to plunder its name

Save RAS

Dear Colleagues.

The new project of "reform of RAS"
(that is under consideration at the Russian Duma)
implies not only expropriation of material properties
and belongings of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),
but also plundering its name; the new organisation,
that is proposed to substitute RAS, is suggested to be called
also "Russian Academy of Sciences".

Members of RAS had expressed the categoric rejection of the
project of "reform of RAS"; they indicate, that
the new organisation, that is suggested to absorb (eat) RAS,
cannot perform functions of RAS.
I have loaded the English translation of their letter at 


I collect the opinions of colleagues from various countries at


Most of them are copypasted from the Steklov's Mathematics Institute,


I hope, that site will not be attacked as tori.ils.uec.ac.jp
had been attacked since 2013 February 27.

Even if you do not understand the arguments by the colleagues,
their high rank and numerosity indicate,
that the problem is serious and deserves your attention.
The phenomenon I mention may affect not only science in Russia,
but also all the research institutes at the planet.
Please, consider the case and express your opinion about it.
Now you have good opportunity to demonstrate the
international solidarity and cooperation.

You have no need to believe me;
the observations I suggest are easy to check;
either to verify, or to reject.

If you think that I am wrong,
and the colleagues did not write the letters,
available in the links above,
then, please, let me know.

Sincerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov. July 12, 2013.

During past two years, at tori.ils.uec.ac.jp/TORI 
I had collected many links about Russia, trying to understand,
what is happening with science there.
My conclusion was, that the science in Russia is suppressed
by the corruption at the top of the Russian administration.
This hypothesis happens to be best in description of the
observable events.

That time, colleagues had found my conclusion counter-intuitive,
and did not consider it as a scientific concept. Instead,
some of them sent attackers and disabled the free access to 

Now the strong evidences in support of my concept are available.
The important step of the destruction of science in Russian is
liquidation of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
that had been created centuries ago by Peter 1,
and had survived even during the USSR.
Please, consider the case again. I really try to   
understand the opinions of co-workers on the subject.

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