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  When he opened his eyes he saw himself in the bed of the hospital, in a bandaged posture...every part of his body pained...
  He tried to remember why and how he came here. But he remembered only that car crash. In a flash he saw everywhere covered with the dusty clouds; The broken glasses clatter, and the loud-voice of three cars, which hit each other on the road, it sounded as a thunder in his ears.
  He closed his ears and eyes immediately...This recollection was dear for him...The medicine floating injections which passed into his open arms covered his head with ache momentarily. From the stern of the pain he was choked, his voioce got broken and his eyes turned black.
  Unexpectedly he felt a hand hold his wrist. He put out his nahds and drew his attention to her. The woman doctor with white dress and white cap smiled and started to talk with a charming voice:
  - Please, relax. Let me join your injections.
  He stopped.And he felt that He hadn"t any pain.In a moment his all pains deviated and he didn"t need an injection...But...the doctor"s polite smile, her movements gave him calmness and her glances gave him confidence. Even her skillful hands didn"t give him to feel how injection entered his vein.
  -Now, you must sleep...
  Yeah, he looked sleepy. And closed his eyes. But he woke up in the middle of night. The nurse on duty gave him las medicine and said:
  -You must sleep again.If you"ll need anything push that button.
  -Where is the doctor?-he could hardly ask,because there was pain in his gorge.
  -It"s nearly one hour that the doctor has gone home. But we have a doctor on duty. Do you need anything?
  -No- he whispered.
  -Ok, good night then.
  The nurse left the room. But there was ache in his head, gorge, feet...
  He closed his eyes steadily. The pain didn"t look like finish ever... When he wanted to push the button and call the nurse he saw her...
  She smiled politely again, and came near him. She took the chair and sat near his bed. She stretched her hand towards his throat.
  -Have you pain?
  He had pain, but he looked at her and her touches stopped his pain.
  The glass of the car sinked his throat and his tonsils were splintered.They took it...He"ll stand erect...
  Seems thia catastrophe was good for him.Because the doctor took his tonsils,which swelled in every cold and offended him since childhood...He got free only from his tortures...But the biggest difficulty waited him ahead.He would like to continue his work,if his father went into retirement and didn"t revolve his works to him...It was so long time which he worked as an announcer,and he was glad from his work.
  Three weeks ago his father called him and said:
  -Over,you will direct all works,Anand I"ll tell you the pettiesof the work in ten days.
  Anand was his father;s right hand.It was more than fifteen years that only he has known all his father"s work and waged them...On that day when his father gave him everything,even two bodyguards and signed the documents,he said:
  -Over, everybody oficially will know that you are my son, after it as natural you"ll need to bodyguard.You must finish your work in TV in the capital, and my workers will settle your home, which is situated there.
  -I"m glad from my work.
  -Very well.In TV everybody will remember you very good and they"ll believe to your strictness in the world of business.
  -I don"t want to leave my job.
  -It"s nearly fifteen years you didn"t take your inclinations? You learned and walked in Londontill you were twenty...
  When you came I didn"t break your inclinations for TV and I maid to do it.In your 23 you fall in love and got married and I didn"t interfere in this once more.But now you are 35.It"s just time to be occupied with any serious job.Besides this you are my only heir.The works lingering and becoming hard.In the last ten days you will learn everything with Anand but after ten days I"ll explain you in Tv as my official heir.And I"ll revolve the whole works to you.I need some rest...Oh, by the way day after tomorrow it will begin your special trainings.In the mornings you"ll run and swimming, in the afternoon you"ll learn the works with Anand, but in the evenings it will be kungfu trainings.
  -I was occupied with gymnastics and bodybuilding, but in this age I didn"t need sport.
  -Very well, you can play capoera. After this sentence ,which his father told with irony, he understood that it"s misplaced to object to it.
  -Your physical preparing must be forceful, which the usual shot couldn"t gravity your head to your body.
  -Our job is only export-import. Who wants to kill us?
  -Who"s backward from you and keep their eyes on your place.Anand will explain all these...
  Go and write your retirement. Tomorrow morning be here.
  As through Mohan became subordinate tp order...Without thinking up he turned over his duties and came back.
  As a matter of fact in the last three years he thought that with his way he can make his past life, which was peaceful and without commotion to colorful...In any case he wanted to verify himself here, too...Simply, he was tired of from his admirers. These ten days passed very intensive...As if he learned a lesson with Anand .But during the sport trainings he took a rest...After ten days his father called press assemblyand introduced him officially to everybody. At that time who knew him from far and near, his friends from work, his old wife, his admirersand Lakshmi, they were surprised. Nobody knew that he was the son of well-known businessman Khumar Das.
  One day after it, when his father intrusted his job to Mohan, he died in the car crash. Now he understood the strictness of the job.They revived it as ordinary crash, but Mohan never believed to it.
  Now in simultaneously he tried to investigate, who"s his father"s killer. There were two or three organisations, which were their competitor.But it"s very difficult to say anything. Just Mohan tried to wage investigation personally himself...
  He had only a friend with whom he met in London,When they were students and lived in the same room.They were countymen, that"s why it was easy to find simple style between them.
  Though that Om was five years younger than Mohan,but he was very sagocious person and skilful...
  When Mohan came back to India, Om went to the USA.They carried him to the USA as a model,because he was so bearing and handsome.Two years ago by chance in Japan during the interview, they met in one hall of a hotel
  Om changed so much,his hair became longer.But only his face"s light and silent smile didn"t change.His constituonally body was strong, and his beautiful bosy became delightful.Oh, yeah, his voice harshed much.Fifteen years passed when he met with Om and all this volte-faced were natural.Time is always on the wing, but the time pull on it to the good direction for fairness"s sake...If Om will stand among ten men, first was picked only he...
  Mohan called:
  -Hey, Model.
  Om turned and looked at him.Then once more he smiled and approached.
  -Oh, Mr. Actor... - said and extend his hand.
  -Oh, glad to meet you.- First Mohan shaked hands with him.Then he embraced him.- You are very well.
  -Yeah, you are too.
  -The years are passing- said Mohan.-You are still a model?
  -No, which model?I was a model for 5 years, then I didn"t like it as a man"s profession. I finished Sport University, but I don"t want to be a sportsman.Quite a little I was occupied with trade.After one or two years I deserted it, too. I looked for to very commotional work.
  -Oh, culd you find
  -I worked as a special bodyguard near two years. But then I was sick of it ,too. Then I worked in one tourism firm near one year.I liked to work with strangers. One day I saved one tourist from death and his father put in my account one million dollar.I didn"t want it but he gave by force...Everything is beautiful which is coming from God.30 000 $ for building a temple and a mosque.10 000$ from it I keep, in account, and every year I am taking 2000$ rate.For 20 000$ I spend to my restaurant in Japan. And another 10 000 $ I spend for the unnecessary expenditures.Just now I am living on the account of that restaurant.I am lonely person and that"s enough for me.What are you doing actor?
  -I am not actor.I am vice-chair man in TV, and announcer.I have one or two special programs.My house and car isn"t too bad. I am satisfied of God.
  -Have you a wife or a child?
  -Five years ago I got a divorce. Connected with my job I had many admirers.And she couldn"t suffer it.That"s why we got a divorce very friendly.I haven"t any child.
  -Hm, which wife can endure to so many girl admirers? - Only God know how much time you adultery her.
  -Not so much...May be six or seven times.
  -How many years you were married?
  -Five years.
  -That"s ok.In every year one more.
  -Oh, stop please...-Mohan smiles.- What are you doing?You didn"t get married yet?
  -Why? I can eat it like a dessert whenevr I want.-Om smiled.
  -You are all right.
  -You are free now.
  -I can"t find any free time...
  -When you will find any time call me.-Om said and took out his special card from his pocket and lengthened to him.-I"ll come wherever I"ll be.
  -Thanks, but Japan is very far from here.
  -Only you want, I can come to Dehli.
  -I"ll pay attention.
  So two years passed.Once again they didn"t come in the oppsite direction.But, after his father"s death he recollected Om.He needed a cordial and strong person like him.
  He informed Om to come back to their country from Japan during one month and intrusted his all works there.Om didn"t object to do it.
  But befor Om"s coming he was in hospital.
  -Did your ache become diminished?
  He opened his eyes and looked at the doctor.He hadn"t any ache.
  -But nurse said that you went home.-Mohan was surprised from this sentences which he said.Because he said it without any difficulty and in simple voice.
  -She didn"t know about it,-said the doctor.
  -It"s very strange, some minutes ago I couldn"t breathe, because I was throat ache.But just now I can speak like simple person.
  -Hey, doctor,did we meet before?
  -May be.
  -When you worked in TV I often came there.
  -Oh, I said,your face is very familiar to me.
  The doctor kept silent and stood up.
  -Now sleep,please.
  -Must I sleep?
  -Surely, it"s late. Sleep,-the doctor said and went to the hall very silently.
  Mohan yawned and then he made easier his body in the bed and closed his eyes.
  In the morning the interrogator came with the policemen.They came to investigate the crash, may be it was a plot.Mohan decisively entered his protest.
  When the police left, Mohan took his phone and called to some numbers.
  -Hi, model...Yeah,yeah.That"s me,actor.
  I am saying may be it"s just time for your coming.
  -To have a rest? It can"t be called whole.Come still.I"ll offer all necessary facilities for your rest.Yeah,yeah.Come soon...With whom? Who"s Narayan? Who? OK.If you can"t part with that then bring him, too...But come soon.OK.Don"t stay too long.I am waiting for you.Come...
  When he put aside the phone he saw by chance that doctor again.
  -Is that you? You are coming very voiceless,which I can"t feel when you are coming and going.
  -Sorry if worried you.
  -No...But every time you are very calm.
  -Must I be alarmed?
  -No, it seems that I couldn"t understand my thought.Never mind.I know only one thing, with your life-giving hands I haven"t any pain.
  -I am glad.
  -When you"ll let me go?
  -Still, they"ll unrip your seam tomorrow.It seems you are in a hurry.
  -Yeah,I have so much work to do.
  -Charge with someone.
  -For the present I charged.But my own control is very necessary.
  -I am sorry.In my opinion your surgeon couldn"t let you leave soon.
  -Perhaps, you can meet the wishes of him?
  -Don"t rely on me,-said Lakshmi and smiled.
  -But I relied on her.
  -How you can believe the stranger?
  -In reality, no.Simply, if I"ll fall in love with somebody then may be.
  - ............
  -The lover"s eyes are becomingblind,-said Mohan and he smiled,too.
  -Then don"t fall in love with somebody.
  -I didn"t fall in love,-he stood silent.
  -And I didn"t suppose to it.
  -Nobody can know their future at first.
  -But I know myself.
  -May be ,-said Lakshmi and approached him and seized his neck, then said:
  -Try to lie down ,it"s early for you to stand up.
  Mohan with her hands contact became easier and in a moment he forgot himself and glanced at Lakshmi"s eyes very attentively.
  He saw only his reflection in her black eyes.
  At that time the doctor was opened.The operaters on Mohan came in and the head surgeon shouted.
  -Where is the doctor on duty? Who allowed the patient stand up?
  Lakshmi helped him to lie quite softly and stood aback.Mohan began to speak:
  -Nobody is guilty.I wanted to stand up by myself.Now I haven"t any pain.
  -That"s the result of injections.If we didn"t give you any injection then I"d like to see your situation-said the other doctor.
  -Find the controller!
  Mohan thought that because of him Lakshmi will bear joke humiliation, and he worried about her.He glanced at Lakshmi,but she gave a sign to keep silent...Mohan didn"t say anything...Lakshmi left the room very silently.
  The doctors inspectioned him and went out.
  When he opened his eyes at night,he saw that Lakshmi was standing in front of the window.
  -Are you on duty every night?-he asked.
  -Yes,I am.
  -Because I have a special patient.
  -Oh...How is your patient?
  -Thanks God.
  -Does your patient your close or native?
  -Yes,you are right.
  -They say that doctor who pull out me from car she died.Is that true?
  -Yes,that is true.-Lakshmi shaked her head with consent.
  -It"s very strange life.
  -Who wanted to save me but that person lost their life.They say that person passed from there by chance.
  -By taxi.
  -By taxi?-Mohan began to think...
  On that day suddenly it was some indisposition in Mohan"s car.The driver informed about the brake which was broken.
  To go in high speed was quite clear death.
  Somewhere onr taxi passed in front of them.The driver said that the operator of the taxi-car was a girl.We didn"t know how the taxi take same speed and passed in front of them...The driver became anxious.
  -What"s she doing?Just I"ll beat her.
  When the driver finished his words the taxi hit their car...She tried to press the brake , but it didn"t offend.And the taxi was shaken out to the wall,Mohan"s car hit hers.The driver lost consciousness from the struck...And Mohan was squeezed out between the bending seat.
  The operator of the taxi-car was wounded.She hardly got out from the car.and approached to their car.She catched from the closeness of the Mohan"s cutting throat.Her heart was beating.Hastily she called the first aid.
  When first aid arrived it was a corpse and two hard wounded in the event place.
  The girl died.
  Mohan felt shivering in his body.
  -Is it cold?-asked Lakshmi.
  -Yes,it is.-Mohan raised his head and looked at her.
  -How"s my driver now?Can I meet him?
  -It"s a pity.
  -Did he die?-Mohan became agitated.
  -He is paralysed.
  -Is that passing?
  -I think so.
  -It means he will recover from it?
  -If the God will let.
  -He can"t stir.
  -Not yet.
  -It"s ruined.He has got a family,a child.
  -Yeah...But only the God know it.
  -I hope that he will be just fair.
  -Oh my God.Don"t say such things.
  -Sometimes I can"t understand him.
  -You are wrong.It"s not in our full power traming to understand him.Only hope...
  -You are optimist.-Mohan cut her words.-Which hope?Without anything that poor fellow"s in bed.Only I am guilty.
  -Nobody can be in bed for somebody"s ever and nobody can die.The root of the reason on herself.Everybody was living their fortune.
  -If her fortune is craeting on me ache,bitter and conscience-stricken?
  -That"s your fortune.
  -Ok.This is very mixed question.
  -I don"t think so.
  -Now that girl died for nothing.Only God know that how many people cried after her...
  -Noithing is senseless.God knows the best what he do.It"s late.Tty to sleep.
  As if Mohan became tired...
  He shaked his head with consent and closed his eyes.He took a deep breathe, then opened his eyes.Lakshmi went out very silent.Mohan smiled:
  -She soard as if again.
  The bosyguards who stood near the door they didn"twant to let him enter.At last Om lost his patience.In a moment he cleared their alive hurdl, and entered the room.Mohan talked with Lakshmi.Om"s suddenly coming frightened Mohan.
  Lakshmi simply stood aside.When Om smiled and stepped to Mohan"s direction at that time the bodyguards rest their revolver against Om"s head.
  -Oh,oh-Om lift his hands.
  -Go away-Mohan marked them.-Everything is all right.
  When they left Om shaked his head:
  -Look at me please,did you became an actor by chance?What are these bodyguards?
  -Oh,no.Come on.-Mohan extended his hand to him.-You are welcome.
  Om squeezed his hand.Mohan said:
  -You are as usual, Super!
  -No, we are getting old.
  -What>Why are we getting old?-Mohan made a mouth and suddenly looked around.
  Om turned and looked around too.-What"s the matter?What are you looking for?-he asked.
  -To the doctor.
  -To the doctor?Which doctor?-For the plastic surgery?-asked Om with a smile.
  -To the plastic doctor?-Mohan knitted his brows.-Why you need it?
  -You said we are getting old.May be for this you are looking for the doctor.
  -Oh,no that"s other doctor.When you came she was here.
  -Was she here?I didn"t see anybody besides that two owls.-said Om.
  -When we were busy,may be she left.
  -May be...When are you leaving?
  -They unriped the seams still yesterday.
  -And I don"t know when I"ll leave.
  -Do you know why I called you here?
  -Let me know.
  -Simply I need to the native person.Om was grieved.He bended and embraced Mohan"s neck,after he stepped back.
  -So long time you were alone?
  -Yeah...Work,work and again work...-said Mohan.
  -Why did you get a divorce?
  -May be jealousy was pretext.
  -I"d like a child, but she didn"t.She was afraid that if she"ll give birth a child, she can spoil her form, and I"ll never approved of her. I don"t know and we became a stranger...
  And some time I distinguished that in every ten or fifteen days I"m passing the night with a new girl or woman...In short we got a divorce.
  -Why you didn"t get married then?
  -That"s good for me.
  -But you are alone.
  -Yeah,-Mohan sighed.
  -But now you are not alone.
  Mohan smiled and squeezed his hand.
  -Ok.You said that I"ll come with somebody.Where is that person?
  -He is sitting in the passage.Do yopu want to meet him?
  -Of course...Call him.
  Om stood up and went to the corridor.After two minutes he came in Mohan saw the lad,who came after him and smiled:
  -Oh my God,who is he?
  Om took from Narayan"s hand and approached to his bed.
  -Meet Mohan,this is Narayan.
  -God bless you.
  The child paired up his hands and greeted Mohan.
  -Hare bol,Prabhu...
  Mohan smiled and paired up his hands like him, too.
  -Hare Krishna,Narayan-said...
  When Om smoothed to Narayan"s head,Mohan said:
  -Is he your son?
  -No,he isn"t-said Om.-But he is like my son.
  Mohan couldn"t take his eyes from this lovely child.
  -You are very handsome boy...May be your mother is very beautiful.-said Mohan.
  -All mothers are beautiful.Prabhuji.
  -Hm-Mohan liked his words.-Yeah?Perhaps your mother is not only very beatiful and very clever,that"s why you are so.
  -My mother said I look like my father.
  -Did your mother say?-Mohan raised his head and looked at Om.But Om pondered.
  -Yeah-said Narayan.
  -She didn"t say now?-asked Mohan.
  -Sometimes when she is coming she is asking about it.
  -Really?-Mohan was easier as thruogh.-Is she coming sometimes?
  -May be she has got so much work to do.
  -I don"t know,only Shree Krishna knows.
  -Shree Krishna?-Mohan became entangled.-Who"s he?He is your God?
  -Shree Krishna is everobody"s God.He is All and High.-said Narayan/
  -God?-Narayan was sad.-Your mother is near to him.
  -I hope that.-said Narayan.-My mother is very beautiful.In my opinion Shree Krishna will call her to his flank.
  Mohan"s eyes filled with tears and he called Narayan near to him.Narayan approached him.Mohan clasped him in his arms.
  -I am sure that your mother is there.That mothers who has such a son, their place is there.
  They couldn"t see her, but Narayan"s mother sat near them and looked at with gladness.
  Mohan felt cosy and said:
  -Narayanji, how old are you?
  -I am six,-answered Narayan.
  -That"s allowed to you.-Mohan kissed his hairs.Long ago Om stood aback and who kept the silence, he approached them.He took Narayan from Mohan"s embrace with care and said:
  -He can bruise you.
  -Oh no.Don"t worry.-As if Mohan didn"t want to separate with him.-That"s good for me.
  -You will meet very often.-Om smiled.
  -Do you want Narayan?
  -It"s great honour for me,-said Narayan.
  Mohan didn"t conseal his amazement and paired up his hand,and made a bow to Narayan.
  -Narayanji that honour belongs to me,-said Mohan.
  -OK, let"s go,we must be thoroughly, but I"ll come in the evening,-said Om.
  -Come surely.I will wait for you.-said Mohan.
  -Ok.-Om smiled.
  Narayan made a bow to Mohan and went...When they left Lakshmi came in.Mohan raised his head and looked at her.
  -You are preoccupied...
  -My fellow-student came here.
  -Why aren"t you glad then?
  -To tell the truth,I was glad but the child who came with him, he nade me to think.
  -He was unbelievable clever.
  -Bravo! But why are you preoccupied?
  -He hasn"t a mother.
  -The God is great.
  -May be her death is new, because the child is still thinking about her.
  -God is great.
  -I collapsed,-said Mohan.
  -God is great.
  As though, Mohan was nervous from her reiterating the same word as a parrot.
  -Who said against of it?
  -There is a benefit in everything.-said Lakshmi silently.
  -I must go. Take a rest please.
  -When will I leave?
  -I don"t know.-said Lakshmi and approached to the door.In this time the door was opened and the nurse entered in the room.She gave no importance to Lakshmi and approached to Mohan:
  -It"s time for your injection.
  Lakshmi went out.Mohan was nervous from the nurse"s borished motion, but he kept his patience and didn"t say anything.
  Om sat on the temple"s steps and waited for Narayan to come.Narayan came and took a slat neat him.He lengthened him prasad, which was in his hands.Om smiled and took the prasad from his hands.
  -Let"s go, - he said.
  When Mohan saw then he smiled.He fast paired his hands and greet Narayan:
  -Hare Krishna.
  -Hare Ram - answered Narayan in the same way.
  Om lengthened the prasad to him.Mohan took the crackery and smiled.-Thanks.Are you eating?
  -No, thank you.I am in post,- said Narayan.
  -Post?What"s the post?-asked Mohan.
  -It"s ekadash today,- said Om.
  -Can we eat in ekadash?-Mohan asked.
  -You can eat.But it"s very important to be in post today - answered Narayan.
  Mohan took a bite out of the prasad and:
  -Who siad that you must be in post?This? - he asked signing Om.
  -My mother siad - answered Narayan.
  The prasad knotted in Mohan"s throat.
  He hardly swallowed his saliva and said:
  -Why you didn"t say me?I"d like to be in post, too.
  -For the present you are ill.When you"ll get better then you can be in post - said Narayan.
  Mohan put aside the prasad and came down to the bed.He approached to Narayan.
  -How old are you?
  -I am six - said Narayan.
  -When did your mother...? - he couldn"t continue his question, but Narayan understood him.
  -This year- he answered.
  Mohan was sorrowful.Om exclaimed and went out to the corridor.He took a cigarette from his pocket.When he put it between his lips and wanted to consume it, but he saw the title by chance, which was on the wall: "No smoking!" He closed the match and took the cigarette among his lips , squashed and threw it to the litter-container.He pulled himself together and came back.
  When Narayan saw him, he began to speak.
  -Can we go?
  -Did I give tireless to you? - asked Mohan.
  -Surely no.But it"s good for us to move you now.- answered Narayan.Om didn"t object him.He catched from Narayan"s hand.They sais good bye and went out the passage.
  -What"s the matter?-Om squated in front of him.
  -Did Mohan break up you?
  -No- Answered Narayan.
  -Then why did you want to go? - asked Om.
  -My mother was there,and she just said go,said Narayan.
  Om pulled him and cuddled his breast,then embraced him and they went.
  Mohan settled to the bed and moped his eyes:
  -I don"t know and see you.Hey,Narayan"s mother,if you are here I must say that you can be proud of your son- he said.
  Narayan"s mother smiled with cheerfully.Mohan lied on the bed and closed his eyes.He was lost in deep thoughts.
  When he opened his eyes Lakshmi entered in.
  -May I come in?
  -Come, please.
  -How are you getting on today?
  -Not bad.Today I put some steps without cane and I didn"t feel any difference.
  -Can it be that,in unexpected time and in a moment somebody just coming and fulfilling your life?
  All of a sudden everything changes entirely...
  -Yeah, everything is possible.
  -It"s very beautiful sense - Mohan smiled.
  -Were you too alone?
  As though Mohan was offended from this query.
  -No, I can"t say so.Everytime I was Environed by people and I am continuing to be environed by them, too.
  -Mohanji, I didn"t ask that you were lonely, I asked that were you alone?
  Mohan breathed deeply and said:
  -Sometimes it was so.Even I thought like a little child that everybody left me alone.
  -After this don"t think so.
  -Hm.- Mohan raised his head and looked at her.
  -After this don"t think that everyone abandoned you and you are alone.
  -Because, may be everybody can leave us, but God will never leave us alone.He is always with us.By saying that I am alone and lonely then we deny him without knowingly.It means that we didn"t feel his love or Mercy.
  Mohan smiled.
  -I will try to remember and not to say it again.How can you say, there was not any time, when you didn"t feel yourself alone either?
  -I never was alone...
  -I understand that God is with us-do you mean this?
  -Yes, I am realising you, - Lakshmi affirmed his words.
  -Every time your relatives were near you,were not they?-It"s very beautiful.And it means that you are a happy person.
  -That"s right.
  Suddenly Mohan felt pain in his head.Unvolantarily he moaned.Lakshmi approached him.She raised her hand and put it on his brow. Mohan opened his eyes.Then Lakshmi put her other hand behind part of his neck and siad:
  -Lie down!
  Mohan believed her support and lied down.
  Lakshmi proped her both hands up to his temple and said:
  -Now close your eyes and try to think that there is not any ache.
  Mohan looked at her without closing his eyes.
  -Close your eyes!
  Mohan said slowly:
  -You have a magic hand.
  -Close your eyes!
  But Mohan continiued to look at her.
  Lakshmi smiled and said:
  -Please, close your eyes!
  -I didn"t feel any ache now.
  -Very good - said Lakshmi and she wanted to step back now, but Mohan catched her wrist.
  Lakshmi met with his winning glance.Mohan called her with his eyes.Lakshmi bended to his direction.Then Mohan looked at her bright eyes and whispered:
  -Don"t go.
  Lakshmi put her other hand on his eyes and Mohan didn"tknow when he got to sleep.
  When Om opened his eyes, he saw that Narayan is sitting on the tip of his bed.He raised his head and looked at him:
  -What"s the matter?Why did you get up so early?
  -Everytime I am getting up early...
  -But now you see that it"s night yet.
  -When my mother covered you with blanket I got up.
  Om was shoked.He stood up right:
  -Did your mother come again? - he asked without looking at Narayan.
  -She is coming every day - said Narayan.
  -Why I couldn"t see her? - Om asked with angry manner.
  -I don"t know.But may be you don"t want to see her how much I want, perhaps that"s why- said Narayan.
  Om tensed his brows and said with angry voice:
  -Oh, yeah! No longer I couldn"t see her.
  Narayan kept silent with his mother"s sign, who stood near Om.She bended and bow to her brother"s steps.
  Om felt that something touched his feet, and he was frightened.
  Fast he raised his feet to bed and lied down:
  -Go and sleep! - he called out to Narayan without looking at him.
  Narayan went slowly to his place and lied down, too.His mother sat near him.Narayan slept looking at his mother.
  Mohan opened his eyes and stood upright...
  Before everybody"s coming he wanted to tidy himself.He hold by the wall and passed to the neighbour room.He opened the tap and washed his face-hand and teeth.Then he put in order his maned hair.His face was quite overgrown with hair, too.With the same role he returned back.And took his phone, called to OM.
  -Hello, are you sleeping yet?Excellent.Then go to us.I will say to the driver to wait for you in front of the door.Choose some street-clothes from my cloak-room and bring me please.The driver will bring you here.Oh, no why yourself? The driver will bring you...Ok? Oh, yeah. Bring Narayan, too.Yeah.... I am waiting.Bring my electric razor, too.
  Mohan put out the phone and sat on the bed.He wanted to tidy himself before Lakshmi"s coming.That"s why before her coming he must shave his face and put on.Whe he was waiting Om"s coming He didn"t feel how he slept.
  Om put Narayan to the temple and was send to Mohan"s home.With Mohan"s charging the bodyguards met him in front of the door and they invited him inside.Om looked at to his decorated house, which was full of coquetry and blessing and thought:
  "It can"t be happiness to live in such house alone."
  He raised to Mohan"s bedroom.He opened the cloak-room and chose some street-clothes.Then he began to search for the electric razor.He looked for the mirror"s slidings, but couldn"t find.He began to open the littele boxes and checked them.
  He found a note-book from one crate:
  "My father called me once more.He wanted me to be occupied with his jobs.I never interested in his job.Since my mother"s death he send off me to different cities.I never saw what"s the family care.that"s why I don"t want his job.Up to this time nobody knew that I am his son, it didn"t mean anything for me.Now I am 28."
  Om turned the page:
  "I couldn"t possess to the family, which I wished with all my heart and soul.I don"t remember when we finished our love.I can say that in this last days nobody is speaking at home.I wanted a child from her.It can make a bridge between us."
  Om turned the note-book"s page again:
  "I quarreled with her and left the house.She took unbrage at me and went to her girl-friend"s house.
  That day I drank driving too much.Then I slept in the office.Whenb I supered up it got dark.I closed the study and left the studio.I had very bad headache.When I approached to my car I saw a pile of petal under my feet again.It"s nearly four years that I am meeting with this situation.In every religious holiday, on my birthdays someone is shedding flowerts under my feet and on my ways.I took off her again.I don"t know when that person finds an opportunity for this.Next time I"ll catch her without failing."
  "Tomorrow,we"ll submit an application to the court.We decided to get a divorce."
  "I am irritated.Because though it"s disintegrating one family.I can"t do any work.I am over in the study for hours.Today is Diwali.It"ll be fine to go and have a good time in the square.That"s a good idea."
  "I saw.There was a girl.I couldn"t see her face.When she saw me, she lost thet sight.Who is that girl? It"s interesting, what does she want from me?If she is my admirer,Why she ran then?There are many strange people."
  "Yesterday we absolutely got a divorce, but nobody knows about it.I didn"t say in the office too.It rained very heavily in the evening.I left the office and stepped very slowly under the rain.I approached to the car, but I didn"t have any inclination to drive the car.So I fell on my knees in front of it.The rain soaked me to the skin.I suffered from cold but I didn"t have any inclination to stand up.I felt that I"ll be ill.I strived to stand up, but my knees didn"t obey me.In my second striving I fell down behavior.In a moment somebodylend a hand to me.I raised my head.In darkness I could percieve only the woman silhouette.I extended her hand and stood up.Then I lost my conciousness.I don"t remember when I camee home.Perhaps I came by car.I opened my eyes at home.And I was in my bed. If that was a dream...Why did I catch cold then?My all bones pained.If that"s not a dream...How did I come home?Or who brought me home?"
  "We met...Today is Ramanavami.I knew she will come.I am on the track of her.She came...When she put the flowers secretly I cought her wrist.She was afraid.She covered her face with sarisen"s hem...It was so dark that I couldn"t see her.I wanted to stretch out my hand and Catch her jaw.She jerked back and ran...But when she ran her necklace was in my hands.It was very queer necklace.But it seemed that the medallion of it can be opened.And I handled it too much, but I couldn"t open it.It looked like to the big crate,which was covered with precious stones.If it"s necessary for her she will surely come."
  "I didn"t make a mistake.She came after two days.In the night she stood in front of me and gringed before...I asked with smile:
  -Is it a holiday today?
  She shaked her head with the meaning "No".
  -Did you come for the necklace?
  This time she shaked her head with agreement.
  -It"s in my home.Let"s go,I will give it to you.
  At first she faltered.Then she stepped only two steps to the car"s direction and stopped.I understood that the necklace is very precious for her.To tell the truth, the necklace was in my office.But simply I wanted to be close to her.That"s why I said these fibs.And she believed.
  She sat in the car.I couldn"t see her face yet.We came to my home.I opened the door, but she got off and stood.I understood that she didn"t want to come in.
  -Don"t be afraid.I haven"t got any wife.We got a divorce.
  I don"t know why I told this.She silently joined me and came in.From her falsehood I began to create atmosphere that I am looking for the necklace.She gringed and waited.I came to one decision that as long as her necklace is with me I have a chance to recognise her closer.I approached to her and said:
  Sit down, please.I am looking for it.Because I forgot its place.
  -Please, try to find it, - she whispered.
  Her voice was trembling.I couldn"t suffer and not to be dependent on myself I stretched her and pressed her to my chest.Everything happened after it.I don"t remember when I subordinate and declared herself to owner of him.It was like a tale.She warmed my dark room with her warm breathe...
  In the morning when I opened my eyes I couldn"t find her.Simply she put her innocent clean youthless traces and left."
  Om looked at the end of the page.It was written six years ago.He fold up the note-book and put it in its place.He forgot to look for the shaver and left the house.
  The driver brought him to the hospital.First Om rose to other compartment.In front of the door he met the doctor.When doctor saw him, he said:
  -There is not any variable thing, unfortunately.
  Om exclaimed.
  -May be you"ll let the consent to this situation.
  -Never.I have some questions.Before it I can"t do it.
  -You know...
  -Is that with its money?That is not your business.I paid five times more that it was needed and do your work, please.Om moved away from him.
  Mohan woke up.Om knocked at the door and looked around inside the room.
  -May I come in?
  -Why are you asking?
  Om entered in.He put the bundles on the bed and suddenly:
  -Oooops... I forgot the shaver.-he said.
  -Oh, no.-Mohan took off his hand to his hairy face.
  -There"s a little market here.I will just go and buy a shaver and spume.- said Om.
  -No,no.My skin is being sensitive when I use from the shaver.Never mind.
  -Where was the electric shaver?I couldn"t find it.
  -It was in the bathroom.
  -May be,because I didn"t look there.That"s all right.I"ll come in the evening.then I"ll bring it.Hey, look at me.Do you want to leave or no?You are good for me.Ther remaining treatment you can take at home, too.
  -I think so.But to tell truth I don"t want to leave.
  -Is it useful for you? - Om smiled.
  In a moment Mohan remembered about Lakshmi.Then he fast changed the topic.
  -Where is Narayan?
  -He is in the temple.He stayed there for one Saint.
  -Bravo!He is very clever child.
  -He looks like his mother. - Om spoke not seriously.
  -You didn"t reveal out that secret.Who is his mother?And how is she close to you?You didn"t talk about it.- Mohan thought during the thinking over his clothes.
  Om turned towards the window and said slowly"
  -It"s very long story, let"s talk about it at home.
  Narayan"s mother stood near him and took a walk to her brother with pride.But Om tried to suffocate the rage,which was knotting in his throat.Then he gathered himself up and said:
  -I must go.Do you need anything besides these?
  -No. thank you so much.Bring me only the electric razor and Narayan.
  Om shaked his head with agreement and left the room.
  Mohan began to change his clothes.When he came out of the bathroom in the form of buttoning up his shirt,he met Lakshmi.
  -You are welcome doctor.
  -Hi, Mohanji.
  Mohan examined her from head to foot and said:
  -Lakshmi ji why are you coming so voiceless?
  -Next time when I"ll come I will knock at the door.
  -No, I didn"t mean it.But you are coming and leaving like a spirit.
  -In reality we are all spirits.
  -You are talking like Narayan.
  Lakshmi approached to the window with slow steps and asked:
  -Who is he?
  -Narayan?- It was aroused a nice smile on Mohan"s face. - He is my little friend.In essence his height and age is little.But his mind is great.When he talks it is very nice calmness inside me.The whole world becomes so ordinary.Near that child I am forgetting about everything.I"d like to recognize his mother.
  Lakshmi turned and looked at him, but Mohan was in thoughts.
  -Why do you want it?
  -Why do you want it? - Mohan repeated the question. - I don"t know, but may be to make a bow in front of her.In our times it"s being rare to meet such well-bred child.I"d like to look like him.
  -You can be.What prevents you from this?
  -My work and position.
  -For whom are all these?
  -For whom? - Mohan faltered. - I don"t know, my father made his will on me.I didn"t wait for it.But I must control my father"s job and wealth.
  -For whom?What does your job gives to this country, government and nation?
  -What does it give?That"s only export and import.In fixed meaning we are bringing some income to the country.
  -Is that good job then?
  -Then why it happens some conspiracies?
  -There are too many envious people.
  -Is it so simple thing then?
  -I don"t know...That"s the life.
  -You chose that life only yourself.
  -God wanted this way.
  -But you have chance to choose.
  -Sometimes thing doesn"t go as we want them.
  -It depends on how we want that thing.
  -That"s not right.
  Years ago I wanted to have a child; clever,handsome,sweet child.I wanted to help him to taste love, which I never got from my father.But it didn"t happen.I wanted one disinterested crazy lover, who would love me in spite of all.It didn"t come true, too.Then I joined to the life"s planned stream like a robot and I am going with it now.
  -What does it wait for me after this age? Nothing.
  -I"ll say again, it depends on what we want and how we want?!And it depends on what you can do for it.But the unexpected difficulty and tortures in our life it"s simply our fortune.
  -Then it means that the loneliness was written in our fortune. - Mohan exclaimed. - Endless and piercing loneliness was written.
  -How"s Narayan?
  -Hmm...- Mohan smiled again.- He is a rising sun on the skyline.
  -Then try to bask.
  -In the frosty winter the rising sun only makes gladness in our eyes,which touches our hearts.But our body needs hot and very hard hot.
  Mohan turned to her direction and whispered:
  -Can you understand the meaning of it?to the hotness...
  Though that Lakshmi understand his meaningful talk, but she pretended herself as if she didn"t understand it.
  -In my opinion you need to marry again.
  -Again. Hm. If you want it first you must fall in love with somebody.
  - What prevents you from doing it?
  -I don"t know what is preventing me.- Mohan gave the same question to her with care.
  When Lakshmi turned away from him,Mohan blocked her way.Lakshmi looked at his beautiful hair and turned away.Mohan said:
  -Giving the advice it"s very easy.
  -Please, don"t say anything, - Mohan interrupted her.-What"s the reasonof your not allowing me to the nearless in persistent form?Other person?
  Lakshmi smiled ironical and she was sent to the direction of the door without saying any answer.
  -You didn"t answer me.- Mohan called out after her.
  Lakshmi arrived at the door and stopped.When she turned back Mohan noticed that she"svery sorrowful and filled with tears.
  -I am sorry.But please don"t come back to this topic.- Lakshmi said slowly.- And that"s my advice to you never give a worth to your body than your spirit.
  She said and went away.
  It was two days , Mohan couldn"t see her.He waited.But Lakshmi didn"t come.When Mohan met Narayan only then he forgot about her.But when Narayan went off the emptiness and regret covered Mohan.He couldn"t understand how he got attached to this woman in some days.Properly he waited her way.In the end, he couldn"t suffer and asked from nurse.
  -How is Lakshmi?
  -Who? - the nurse lost her head.
  -I am asking about the doctor, about Lakshmiji...
  -Which doctor? - the nurse didn"t understand anything.
  -What a question?! I am asking about the doctor.
  -But your doctor isn"t a woman.His name is Ritesh Kumar.You didn"t know him?
  -I know him.But I am asking about the other doctor.It was very young woman with long hair.
  -I am sorry Mohanji,but there was not any long haired woman in this section.Her hair to one side, but we haven"t any doctor with this name.
  -What?- Mohan lost his head.Then he thought of himself that may be she was another section"s doctor...It"s possible.
  -What is the section on the upper part?
  -It"s neurology.But there is not any woman by the name Lakshmi.
  -What"s in the down part?
  -The down is surgical and urological.My uncle is the head physician on that section.But there is not so called doctor, too.The first floor is cardiology and the ground floor is physicological therapy.
  -There are not that named doctor either?
  -No, there is not.I am working here nearly eight years and I never met so called doctor.
  -Do you have another building?
  -Surely...There are pediatry and polyclinic, the morgue, too.There are too many buildings here.It"s the biggest hospital.
  -Hmm.- Mohan thought.- May be she is the doctor of other buildings.Then, if that"s right then what was she doing here?Let her come.
  -Do you know that the doctor who met an accident with you?She was called Lakshmi.She was a children"s doctor.
  -That person,who died?- Mohan lost his head.
  -We can say so.
  -What does it mean? - Mohan looked at her attentively, - Why we can say so?She died or no?They said that she died.
  -Yeah, to tell truth she is in absent-minded situation in the upper storey.They are keeping her with the help of apparatuses.But the head physician lost his faith.They say, she has a relative who didn"t allow to put out the apparatus.
  Mohan was astonished.He forgot the question, Which interested him and listened to the nurse with great astonishnent.
  -But they say that she died.
  -She is like a dead.
  -How she can be like a dead?The fact is that they are keeping her body with apparatus.
  -Her relative didn"t want to know another body.
  -I have right to know about it.That person is attached to the apparatuses for the sake of me.How can"t you say me? - Mohan was nervous.- May be I can help with pecuniary aid.
  -In my opinian her relative didn"t want it.And they have money for it.They say that person is spending too much money on her.
  -But it was my natural right to know about it.
  -Please, that"s not my own business.They can reprove me for this.
  -Don"t worry.- Mohan said.But he got into a hard wax.He put an end the night with these toughts and anxiety.At night though he overturned in his place for it, but he couldn"t fall asleep.
  He stood erect...He decided to go to the upper selection.
  He got up from his bed and put on.When he wanted to open the door, he met Lakshmi.
  He stopped.
  Lakshmi smiled:
  -It seems that you have a journey at night.
  -I had.That"s all right, I can go later.Where were you these two days?
  -Did you want me?
  -Yeah,- said Mohan.- I waited for you.
  Lakshmi raised her head and looked at his face, she entered interior then.
  -I was bored.- said Mohan.
  -Did Narayan come very often?
  -Yeah, he came and entertained me.
  -After this he must come too often.
  -Because I will never come again.
  Mohan approached her.
  -You will never come?
  Lakshmi shaked her head by the meaning "No".
  -Why? - Mohan seized from her shoulders.
  Lakshmi slowly escaped from his arms and stepped back.
  -Sometimes the people forget they are spirits.
  -I don"t understand you.What does it mean?What does it concern?
  -That things which we are seeing, liking and loving.It"s not compulsary that yhey are ours.
  -Is that to say?
  -That"s to say, don"t desire that things, which can"t be yours.
  -I don"t understand.
  -In its right time you will understand me.
  -Lakshmi, I am not a baby.Speak frankly,please.You don"t work in this building.What are you doing here then?What do you want me to think?
  -My son"s father is in this building.
  -What did you say? - Mohan lost his head.Suddenly he was parched.
  -Yeah, Mohanji.I have a son and his father just in this building.That"s why I came here.But now I don"t need it.
  Mohan was disappointed.He knited his brows and kept silence.
  -Good luck to you, Mohanji.
  -You said that you will never come.
  -I didn"t need it also.
  -May be he didn"t need or want, - Mohan whispered.
  -Mohanji remember,never do the work which you don"t like or want.If that work brings inflict a damage on you than gain.
  -Because we must convey our bodies decently.To tell the truth we are spirits.
  Mohan looked at her and kept silence.
  -Good bye, - Lakshmi turned away from him and wanted to go.But Mohan seized from her arms and he pulled up her towards to himself and seized from her shoulders.He start speaking with slow and cross voice.
  -What are you bringing reason to me?Are you so clever?The tell me what are you doing in my room in the night time?If you had a husband and a son, why did you come to my room?And you aren"t my doctor.Look, why are you here now?Answer!!! May be your name isn"t Lakshmi,too.Lakshmi jerked back.Mohan returned and slamed the fist to the wall with anger.
  Lakshmi slowly made a bow low to his steps.Mohan felt it.He turned towards her with amazement and looked attentively.
  In a moment, Lakshmi opened the door and left the room.Just Mohan wanted to know the meaning of her motion,that"s why he plunged to the direction ot the door.
  He didn"t mind his feet ache and quickly went out the corridor.But Lakshmi wasn"t there.Mohan returned back and lied on his bed thoughtfully.
  After Mohan"s call Om was sent to his home.Mohan was fidgeted with his things in nervous situation.Om approached him.
  -Where did it go out this suddenly return?How did you come home so early?
  -That"s not problem for me.
  -Why are you strained?What"s the matter?
  -What are you looking for?Let"s look for it together.
  -I don"t look for anything.I am trying to entertain myself,- said Mohan and casted the jacket on the sofa, which was in his hand.Something fell down from the jacket"s pocket and rang.And it fell down under Om"s feet.
  Om bowed down and took it from the floor.It was a necklace.Mohan saw the necklacewhich was in Om"s hand and approached him.he took the necklace and whispered:
  -This is very special necklace for me.
  In a moment Om took the pistol from his back and set it to Mohan"s back.
  Mohan faltered.The expression on Om"s face changed.Mohan asked slowly:
  -What"s the matter?
  -I"ll kill you! - Om said angrily.
  -Me?If you want to kill me, kill then.You are dear for me as my soul.My soul is sacrificed to you.But what"s the reason?
  -The reason?- Om cried.- I hate you.
  Mohan looked at him with wonder.
  Om took the necklace from his hand with his other hand.
  -Is that very valuable necklace for you?
  -Necklace?Yeah, may be I don"t know the material value of it, but the moral cost of it is very high for me,- Mohan said slowly.- Why are you asking?
  -But for me the holder of it was very valuable! - said Om and used his fist to Mohan"s face.Mohan moved unsteadilyon his feet and touched to the home"s pole.Om looked at him with hatred.
  -It"s nearly six years that I was searching you.The portion was for today...
  -Why did you look for me?You know me and my place.Why did you look for me nearly six years?- Mohan approached him slowly.
  -I didn"t know that this necklace is in your hands.- he said it and aimed the pistol at Mohan again.
  -Speak frankly, I don"t understand anything.
  -How can you make a sacrifice a young girl to your passions?How?Have you any conciousness?
  Mohan was frightened.
  -Did you love her, too?
  Om flinged out the gun on the sofa,which was in his hands.
  He took from Mohan"s scruff of the neck.
  -Yeah.I loved her so much.- he cried angrily and striked a blow him with head.
  Om became mad.
  -I loved her so much! She was my only native person in this life.For the sake of you I wasn"t on good with her nearly six years! Six years!
  He used his fist to Mohan again.
  -She was my soul.She grew up in my arms.
  -In your arms? - Mohan looked attentively.
  -Yeah,then you loved her plaits so much.Did you forget?
  -Lacki? - Mohan sheded a few tears.- Your sister?

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