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A Dreamed Weekend And The Disaster, a Poem

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05.07.2017. Great Britain, Nottinghamshire
Dedicated To Sarah

A Dreamed Weekend And The Disaster, a Poem

So a lovely position!
To sit down, making dreams!
- I will go to a sea side!
I will drink an icy drink!

She had traveled by a tube and buses,
She was here! Plenty shops!
Her old friends met her and they shouted:
- Janet! Janet! So nice to see you there!

They came in a pub to have a dinner,
Choosing that and this and that!
Opps!  No money in her pockets!
A Thief picked Janet's purse!

The poor curvy youngest Blonder!
She was upset and a lot!
But her friends borrowed money:
- Don't be upset! All is okay!

But it was not really lucky,
As her bus had left away.
And she broke her right leg, running,
To be quick for another bus again.

In The Emergency Department!
An Ambulance put her to this!
And the last weekend's minutes
She watched TV, drinking a tea.


I had some disaster in a garden,
Coming here to drink a tea:
I saw a died big mouse, swimming,
In a water into a bucket.

I had a stress and a shock,
Just not screamed.
I was stressed, shocked, sad.
I drank LIME & MINT Fruit Fusion
ECHO FALLS with the alcohol.

- Sorry, a Mouse, I saw sadly,
To see you in a life as the end...

A ring bell of mobile sounded,
Someone wanted to see me.

I was a drunken, and could not listen,
Whom and what had said to me.

I gave phone to check:
 - Whom was?
"The Cafe "Murders!", - 
A woman said.

People laughed:
- Take this easy!

Some said me:
- This so sad.
- A poor mouse 
had been cached
by a plastic pot,
as a swimming pool.

It was a choice 
Of this mouse only,
Where was to run,
To play, 
To search.

This was sadly,
The end of road,
As someone's life
Had gone away.

I sat down, near a bottle.
I am drinking the alcohol.
Nine pro-cents,
This may be a stronger,
To say: 
- Sorry, for this end!

Days before, someone had whistled,
Chated, on my all replies.
I said: 
- Now, I can not see you!
Just a sound, moving fast.

Each had own grief and worries.
Someone had a loss of life.
Someone had a loss of money.
Some feld down, 
Bruising the arm.

Someone was a sick, 
And the illness,
Putting the asking 
For the help.

Someone came, - 
His friend did not answer,
Closing a door 
On a ringing bell.

Someone laughed, 
Someone cried,
Some will smile, 
Just if they will alive.

The Sun is shine,
Each day and now,
Looking plenty
Stories, lives.

Let's try up 
We are lucky!
White or gray 
Or dark or red,
Wind will care 
Hairs softly:
- Stay with us!
A Real 


Eanna Inna Balzina-Balzin
Ианна Инна Бальзина-Бальзин

"A Dreamed Weekend And The Disaster, a Poem"

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