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Katyn 2

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    Crash of the polish airplane Tu-154M in 2010 April 10 in Smolensk is believed to be mass murder organized by KGB with aim of elimination of political opponents and robbery of the passengers and the crew.

http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn2r.shtml Катынь-2, Russian version of this text) http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn2e.shtml Katyn 2, English version (This text)

Katyn 2 is name of the crash that is believed to be mass murder, analogy of the mass murder of polish soldiers by soviet veterans in Katyn in the beginning of the World War 2. Up to summer of year 2010 it is not clear that happened to airplane Tu-154M with polish representatives (including Lech Kaczynski and his spose) broken in 2010 April 10 in Smolensk.
The moment of the crash is not known. First, it was reported to happen at 8:56am. After a week, the official estimate had been gradually changed to 8:41am. The Russian version of this article offers the references with 10:00, 9:56, 9:50, 9:41 as estimates of the moment of crash.
It is not clear how many times the airplane tried to land. First, four intents were reported; then the estimate of number of landing attempts was gradually reduced to unity: after a week, the investigation group had declared that the the airplane felt at the first intent. The references with 4, 3-4, 3, 2-3, 2 and 1 as estimates of the number of landing attempts preceding the crash are cited in the Russian version.
The altitude of the destruction of the airplane is not revealed. While the dispatcher had confirmed that the airplane follows the glissade, one can guess, that the destruction had happened at the altitude of order of 100 meters (or higher). This would correspond also to the death of all the passengers and the crew members and the total destruction the body of the airplane for many parts over the wide area. (The wing was found in half-kilometer from most of other details of the airplane). On the other hand, the Russian official investigation group claim that the airplane become to disrupt at the altitude of few meters, choking the trees.
The question, who organized the company of misinformation in the Russian mass media (blaming the pilots) also left without answer.
In addition, the reports about robbery of the passengers belongings indicate that the plundering could be an additional motivation of the terrorists.
During two month of the investigation, the Russian official group of researchers could not answer the key questions about the catastrophe. The conclusion [1] does not match the record of the talks of the pilots with the dispatcher [2], and contain the internal contradictions. Also, one indicates the contradictions between indications by the dispatcher and those by the pilot of another polish plane landed before the crash [3]. The Russian official group are suspected to hide several very important records about the event [4]; the international investigation is requested [5].

The "official version" of the catastrophe implies that the representatives at the airport did not now, when the airplane disappeared at the radars, that the dispatchers did not know, how many attempts to land the pilots did, and that after to loss its wing chocking with trees, the airplane could fly a half-kilometer and climb up for a hundred meters required for the complete destruction of its body. This version is so fantastic, as the claims about gravitsapa that has been reported to violate the Law of conservation of momentum.

It is dicussed that the official investigation of the catastrophe is realized by the same persons, who caused it: without such a hypothesis, it is not possible to explain the hiding of the important information about it; in particular, the records of parameters of the flights by the ground registration systems, the specification of the equipment installed at the suspicious IL-76 that could emulate the four landing attempts of the crashed plane, the protocols of interrogation of the persons, who had information about different numbers of landing attempts preceding the crash and different estimates of the moment of the crash. The hiding of the information by the official Russian research group caused many concepts about the crash; some of them are presented in Vera.

The data presented by the Russian representatives were found to be non satisfactory. After a year since the catastrophe, many people think, that it was a murder: Over the past two days thousands have rallied in front of the presidential palace in central Warsaw carrying flags and chanting Kaczynski's name. A large banner accused Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of being a murderer and Tusk of being a traitor, while several placards said simply "Assassination." Protesters also demand that Russia hand over wreckage of the plane[7], Vanessa Gera writes. A thousand of participants had expressed the same opinion about Putin and Tusk in front of the Russian Embassy in Warshaw [8]. The Participants of the demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy were holding banners emblazed with the slogan "Only the terrible truth about Smolensk and Katyn can unite us, but lie - never". There are also many banners with slogans criticizing the Russian and the Polish governments [9].

1. http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/mak00.shtml Tу-154м ? 101 10.04.2010 и еще (Official report, in Russian)
2. http://bi.gazeta.pl/im/2/7961/m7961942.pdf Транскрипция переговоров экипажа самолета Ту-154М б/н 101, потерпевшего катастрофу 10.04.2010 года при заходе на посадку на аэродром Смоленск "Северный". (Звуковой регистратор МАРС-БМ) версия 1(134), 02.05.2010 15:08, печать 02.05.2010 15:08)
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4. http://smolensk-2010.pl/2010-05-04-english-in-the-murder-of-kaczynskis-handwriting-is-seen-putin.html George Gordin. In the murder of Kaczynski's handwriting is seen Putin. 2010 May 4.
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8. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/weos/news.newsmain/article/0/0/1787104/World/Plaque.row.mars.Polish.commemoration.of.plane.crash Gareth Jones and Patryk Wasilewski. Plaque row mars Polish commemoration of plane crash. 2011 April 09. Supporters of late Poland's President Kaczynski gather to protest results of Russian investigation into fatal plane crash, in front of Russian embassy in Warsaw. Up to 1,000 Poles protested outside the Russian embassy on Saturday evening, waving white and red national flags and banners branding Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a "murderer" and Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk a "traitor."
9. http://en.rian.ru/world/20110409/163451467.html Poles rally in front of Russian embassy in Warsaw. 2011 April 09. Some hundreds of Poles are staging a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy in Warsaw to mark the first anniversary of the plane crash that killed president Lech Kaczynski, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported... Participants of the demonstration are holding banners emblazed with the slogan "Only the terrible truth about Smolensk and Katyn can unite us, but lie - never". There are also many banners with slogans criticizing the Russian and the Polish governments.
More texts in Vera on the related topics
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn2r.shtml Катынь-2, Russian version of this document.
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn2razgo.shtml Phrase book, Katyn-2
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/gravitsapa.shtml Gravitsapa, device that claims to violate the Laws of Newton.
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http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn-2stager.shtml Катынь-2, Стажер (2010, in Russian)
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/katyn-2v.shtml Катынь-2, версия Васи (2010, in Russian)
http://budclub.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/000abc.shtml#e Alphabetic index of texts in Vera

2018.04.12. http://smolenskcrash.eu/news-151-new-official-investigation-findings-summary-and-full-report-in-eng.html#.W0Ftv-n3thE
The Committee for Re-Investigation of the Aircraft Accident at the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland (Re-Investigation Committee), hereby presents the technical report on the state of its investigation into the causes of the crash of the Polish Air Force aircraft TU-154M in Smolensk, Russia, on April 10, 2010 (Smolensk Crash). During the course of the Smolensk Crash, all occupants onboard died, among them, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński.
According to the international standards of aircraft accident investigation, the Re-Investigation Committee focuses on the material facts, circumstances and evidence not taken into consideration in the final report presented on July 29, 2011 by the Polish Committee on State Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee headed by Jerzy Miller (Miller's Committee).
Important facts, information and circumstances presented in the technical report of the Re-Investigation Committee dated April 11, 2018 (Technical Report) were not taken into consideration in the reports of the Interstate Aviation Committee in Russia dated January 12, 2011, (MAK Report) and the Miller's Committee's report dated July 29, 2011 (Miller's Report). The findings of the Miller's Committee proved to be incorrect in light of the investigation conducted by the Re-Investigation Committee, and pointed to the wrong reason for the crash.
Therefore, the report of the Polish Committee on State Aircraft Accident Investigation on the Smolensk Crash dated July 29, 2011, is hereby declared null and void. Furthermore, the classification of the cause of the crash of the TU-154M aircraft in Smolensk, Russia, on April 10, 2010, as a Controlled Flight into Terrain due to pilot's error (CFIT) is hereby declared as invalid for the following reasons:
1. The Russian air traffic controllers at Severny airport in Smolensk, with the assistance of the commander of the Russian Aviation Transport Forces Gen. Benediktov in Moscow, consistently gave false information to the crew of TU-154M during the landing approach on April 10, 2010.
2. Contrary to the statement of the Miller's Report, Commander of the Polish Air Force General Andrzej Błasik was not in the cockpit of TU-154M at the time of the crash and exerted no pressure over the pilot. The accusations against General Andrzej Błasik are therefore baseless.
3. During the entire flight, the pilot-in-command of the TU-154M made the correct decisions, which were agreed upon with the entire crew at the appropriate time. 16 minutes before the crash, the pilot-in-command made the decision to go around in the event of bad weather conditions and only perform a look-and-see trial approach to landing. Subsequently, he gave the order to 'go-around' at a safe altitude. This command was confirmed by the second pilot. During the entire period of the approach to landing, the crew responded properly to the traffic controllers who communicated the distance from the runway.
4. The TU-154M aircraft was destroyed in the air as a result of several explosions.
5. At first, there were explosions in the left wing that led to the destruction resulting in separation of one third of the left wing. This destruction took place approximately 900m before the threshold of runway no. 26 of the Smolensk Severny aerodrome. The explosions destroyed the slats, ribs and spars, as well as the skin, and the pieces were scattered in an area 30m wide and 400m alongside the flight path. Then, the flaps of the left wing were torn off, their parts were also scattered at a distance of over 400m.
6. When the plane passed the point defined as TAWS38 located 710m before the runway threshold, a series of cascaded errors occurred, including errors in left engine, generator, flaps, undercarriage, both radio altimeters, the first hydraulic installation, and the magnetic course measurement system.
7. An explosion took place in the left part of the fuselage of TU-154M, in the area of Lounge 3. The explosion in the fuselage occurred above the ground. A catastrophic failure of the electric power supply occurred before the plane impacted with the ground. The left passenger door was blown away due to the pressure wave, as well as the first and third spar of the left center wing under the fuselage floor. Clothing of more than 30 passengers were torn off, the bodies of more than 10 passengers were severely disintegrated, and their body parts were scattered throughout a large area.

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