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Nihilist: Taboos

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    Nihilist criticized me

http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/nihilisttaboor.shtml Нигилист: Табу, Russian version of this text
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/nihilisttaboo.shtml, English version, this text

I was about to load the file, but Nihilist criticized me:
- You misinterpreted everything. There was nothing about American presidents in my speech!
- Do you think that zoophilia of the Russian leader or kissing genseks may be interesting for an English-speaking reader?
- But I did not say that you type!
- Well, this is an artistic translation.
- You are in your right to write that you want, but do not mention my name!
- Up to you. Hence, you will appear as Nihilist.
- Bad word. It denotes those who do not respect laws. I respect the laws. Most of them are idiotic, but I respect them.
- You had allowed me to post that I find to be prudent.
- But you modified my original.
- I only smoothed the obvious errors, where you contradict yourself.
- Contradictive or not, this is my personal FEELING. You misinterpret it.
- You told, that after my corrections, your point of view became more logical.
- But these are not my words!
- Let us make a compromise. I post it, as I understand you. Then you make copy, and edit it as you like, and post under your mane. You may acknowledge my help, but do not indicate me as coauthor of the abracadabra you wrote initially.
- In your text, there are many errors in your translation; even the trivial grammar errors.
- Indicate the errors, I shall correct them. I try to help my readers to understand your ideas.
- It is vain. Your readers are even more dogmatic than you are.
- Not all.
- As if you did not get 50 very bad qualifications past year!
- By the way, you are first who say that I am dogmatic.
- You believe in your dogmas about the Causality, the Second Law, the Unifart Evolution...
- Unitary Evolution! Do not use slang, anyway I delete it.
- Who says this, You??? As if you did not compare the epoch of Stalin and Mayakovsky with petrified poop; did you forget?..

Such accusations I got from Nihilist instead of any thanks for my effort to formulate as follows his ideas, trying to give them any (from my point of view, pure imaginary) chance to be understood.

By itself, the speech by Nihilist was not long:

Are you ready to type? Hence...
Taboos are the base of your civilization, like in the tribe of papua.
(By the way, the English is easier than Russian, you may use the plural form of the word, taboos.)
For example, the Ten Commandment by Moses..

Why by God, it is obvious that Moses by himself made those writing on the stones, and exposed them as the God's will; the jews would not belief him, but they believed God..

Please, do not interrupt: you wanted to write out my point of view, not our discussion. I say, you type. This way.

I do not reject the moral; I only reject the dogmas of your civilization. The people who pretend to be civilized, not only believe in their dogmas, but also believe, that those dogmas, their taboos, follow from some kind of science..

Do not interrupt! this is your guilt, you gave so narrow definition of science, that since now no one dogma of your civilization can be justified scientifically.

May be, you say, that the additional holes in hears, tits and pussies can be justified with your science? Since past century, it is kind of taboo for a girl, not to appear in parties before to get the additional holes; and sometimes they put huge staff inside. They make crimes in order to get expensive cloth, they make huge holes in every parts of their bodies, and due to all these stuff some A.Sumchanin hopes to look as some C.Stewart; and it is taboo to behave in any other way. In the same way, some 50 years ago, in your countries all the children were forced to wear the red rugs at their necks. It looked less idiotic, than holes in the hears, lips, tits, etc... They believed, with such rugs they may be so successful as Lenin was, in the suppression of other citizen, did they?... It looks as a kind of a common madness, and it was taboo even to discuss this. Can you justify it scientifically?

Very good, hence, just sit silent and type.
I do not reject ALL the morals. For example, I do to others no things that I would not like to be done with respect to myself. And I do not wish anybody such things. The disasters and catastrophes at this planet are organized by those who claim to be civilized and to bring culture. In particular, to bring to a city democracy, bombing it from the air.

All your civilization is built-up on the sex and murder. Even the children stories are about a protagonist who wants to have a girl, and for this, agrees to do heroic actions, to murders the competitors (who usually appear as very bad guys), and also agrees to marry her.

Ok, typical example. If you search in the web for example, for the latex command, what do you have at the top of the list? Not \documentclass[12pt]{article}, but the elastic sado-maso-toys!
And if you look for your super-exponential, and type "sexp", what do you have in the list? You do not have cites about the Mathematical functions at the top, do you?
And if, to resolve the confusion, you add a suffix to specify, that you deal with analytic functions, what cites are found for you?..
And if you know this, then shut-up and type in silence.

The monogamy is not justified biologically. As for the human history, there existed periods of patriarchy and those of matriarchy. There was no DNA analysis to determine, who is father. Muhammad, instead of to accept this as a fact, made a new religion to kill the competitors.

Please, do not talk about Christians. Who participated in the Crusades, not Christians, ah? And how about the Holy Inquisition, who used to burn your colleagues, do you forget?

Please do not tell me about your shintoists, there were many kamikaze among them. All this is about to kill enemy in such a way, that does not allow them to check, if the result and the victory is used by the honest citizen or by the knives, impostors.

As for the jews, you would better not mention them at all. Did you red about Jesus Navin?.. So, shut up and type silently.

About communists, you saw them with your own eyes, so I have no need to qualify these liars and betrayers. You may provide links for your own texts, if anybody has any doubts.
Whom do you have in support of your moral? Your friends vegans? By the way, Adolf Hitler was also vegetarian.

Your civilization is built-up on very false and doubtful values: to look rich and powerful, to get an attractive girl, to make her pregnant and to grow-up children on the primitive values, in innocence, keeping in secret everything about sex, as if the adults do not have sex or do not get pleasure of it. The candy, ice-cream, child-toys, but that they need most of all - no, taboo!..

Do not interrupt!
Neither prohibition of the incest, nor that of the under-age sex have biological bases.
It is against the nature. The children see that the adults do not say the true, and begin to do this illegally. Or get upset, and then you wonder, why there are so much violence and xenophobia around.

The incest gives the statistically-significant less adopted descendants only in the first generation. The biologic species use this to control the most lethal alleles. Also, this is used in the artificial selection.
And you with your monogamic taboos go to the degeneration. The population of cities do not reproduce themselves. The politicians do not think about future of nation; they do not care on things that will happen within few generations: in the best case, they will be retired then. They need the gun-meat, and right now, in the first generation. "Apres moi, le deluge" - this is their moral. Therefore, they prohibit the incest; As a support, they refer to the biology. They always find a pretext. They prohibit the incest and punish those who commit it.

Do not contradict: you wanted to know my opinion, here is my opinion; type it out and keep your silence. Then you are in your right to publish a separate text in support of the common moral of your stupid civilization.

I do not want to say that anybody should be forced or pushed to the incest. The same about the underage sex.
You are in your right to worn, to inform. Make a poster: "Those boys and girls who begin to fuck before age may have difficulties in the education", or "Those girls who gets pregnant before 18, or from their near relatives, in the first generation have statistically less healthy offspring, than those who follow the medical recommendations. But to punish those who do not accept your dogmas - this is idiotic law, this may lead your civilization to the total crash. The XXII century may happen to be black, or latinos, because they are less dogmatic. The stupid western "white world" care about their dogmas and their taboos more than about the common sense, natural instincts and the future of their civilization.
I do not know, how many schoolchildren would agree to learn really hard in order to get their right to have sex, then their organisms need this, instead of to get it only after to get the ability to maintain a family (when their wishes will be perhaps already tired).

I do not say that I know, how it should be. I do not suggest any utopia.
I do not know and I say that I do not know.
But you also do not know, but you pretend to know, and you claim that your taboos follow from the medical recommendations and pretend that they have any reasonable base.

You have no clean experimental data. The statistically-correct data, referring to several generation, would imply the long-term experiments on humans. Such experiments are prohibited. Therefore, you cannot refer to them, even if such experiments had been performed.

Your taboos, your morals, your prohibitions are promoted by those, who have ability to violate them.
The prohibitions to liberate the salves were promoted by those who were not slaves.
Those, who had prohibited the alcohol in the past century, had opportunity to drink by themselves so much as they wanted.
The fabricant of cloth promotes the law that prohibit to stay without cloth. This fabricant will make millions making cloths, including the swimming-suits and other staff, that is not required by climate; and he will buy a huge land, where he, his friends and lasses can walk without cloths, getting pleasure of understanding that they do things that are not available for the most of the people.
The Boss of the sex-business will form the strong lobby against prostitution and the underage sex, in order to suppress his competitors. At the same way, by himself, he will get a huge income from the underage sex, and will not forget about his own pleasures.

The bishops will sing about moral, describe the sins of sodomites, while involving into the homosexual relations yang boys who come to their church. The cardinals will teach the parents, how to preserve their daughter from sex, in order to use those girls just for sex.

Politicians do the same.
They send boys to the wars, in order to pick-up their girls. The soviet leader Laurenty Beria used to understand this very well, and, perhaps, promoted the World War II aiming this application.

Even in the peaceful life, the similar events happen. The Presidents talk about prudence and moral norms, while installing the spy setup into the offices of their competitors or having oral sex with co-worker(s). Referring to the first example with the black slaves, one can say about the scandal around Bill and Monica: There is nothing of shame in having blow-job in the Oval Cabinet, but be shamed of this - is shame! And it is shame and hypocrisy to prohibit other people do it in other places (those who cannot do it in the Oval Cabinet).

The same refers to the variation of courses of valutes. Those, who may affect the emission of bills, and, therefore, the curses of currencies, may predict and cause the variation, and they know which currency is better to pay or to accept a payment. However, they will justify any their action with the extensive report about the improvement of economics..

In the civilized countries, the politicians have to think several years ahead, and they try to avoid the most stupid and unpopular actions; over-vise the journalists "make the tirage" discussing these actions and the politicians may have problems with elections. However, in the countries, where the results of elections are easy to falsify, and it is cheap to kill those journalists who still reveal the unwanted information, the politicians do not need even to mask their selfish actions.
In such countries, the leaders may use the imported goods by themselves, forcing their people to buy the expensive and boor quality products from the national companies; the minister of the protection of rare animals may hint them from helicopter; the officers who are supposed to protect the Law violate it by themselves, and so on.

Those, who already have illegal guns, are the most active supporters of the prohibition of selling guns to the people for the self-defence. The police officer, who kills and rob the civilians as a hobby, is extremely interested to reduce the probability to get a gunshot in response. Such an officer, like a major Evsukov, will have very solid reputation; however, until he kills at once so many people, that it becomes difficult to hide.

In a similar way, the nomenklature, who has opportunity to exceed the limit of speed, drive by the separation line, killing the pedestrians without to be punished, will be active propagandist of the severe punishment of violators of the rules of the road.

Such bon-vivans makes good money on their hypocrisy, they hide their treasures in the foreign banks in order to have no problem when the country collapses. As a part of their hypocrisy, they call "country-phobs" those citizen, who see that the things do not go well and talk about this...

Are you still typing?

One lies to you since your childhood. The adults hide that they have sex for pleasure. They lie that girls love prudent and honest boys. They lie, that your genseks or the presidents try to do anything good for your country. They lie about the heroic past of your country, and about the great future. All this is in order to send the boys to the war, and force them to be coward patriots, to let them die in a foreign countries as occupants, just in order to allow their sisters and girlfriends to be picked-up by the generals and the stab-officers.

Well, you may stop here; I can talk very long and we'll never finish. It seems to me, you still have at least one more bottle in the fridge... Save the file and let us drink some.

After to drink some, in order to convince me, Nihilist had shown me several movies about taboos and customs in various civilizations:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACzrT0oBK6s Girl's initiation in Papua.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldBk4Jo6daM&NR=1&feature=fvwp As a sign of entry into manhood, boys of this tribe suffer thousands of razor-blade cuts to make their skin resemble a crocodile's.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mz1vaTeUSY&NR=1&feature=fvwp Lips plates
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hQEJIaciRM&NR=1 painful initiation of boys
Your customs and taboos being watched by the eyes of another civilization look so repulsive as you may consider repulsive the coustoms shown in the movies we saw, Nihilist said.


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Copyleft 2010 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov. This text may be used for free, attribute http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/nihilisttaboo.shtml

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