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Subjunctive Mood in History

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    Subjunctive Mood comes to History

- Hello, History, do you tolerate the Subjunctive Mood?
- No, everybody knows, I do not tolerate the Subjunctive Mood.. I even do not know him.. I even do not know, what is "if"
- Sorry for disturbing you.
- That's ok. Well, what do you want from me?
- I want to bring you some pleasure..
- But I do not know you..
- Do not worry, you'll know soon.. just relax..

If The Island of Crimea were separated from the continent by the Pericop channel ..
- Then White Guard would explode the Perikop Bridge and the Red Army could not occupy the Crimea. Russian culture would be preserved in the Crimea. Crimea would get independence, and would become the richest and powerful country..
In World War II, no country would dare to attack the Crimea, so, Crimea would stay neutral. Of course, the Crimea would have refused an entry visa to such a killer, as Stalin. Churchill and Roosevelt could not be with him the Yalta meeting.
Yang boy Vasily A. would write a horror thriller about the Crimea, invaded by Bolsheviks, and that story would become a bestseller. Under the influence of that book, after the defeat of the German army, Allies would have to defeat also the Red Army; Eastern Europe would not become colony of the USSR; Suomi would get back Vyborg and Karelia.
In Moscow, there would be huge trial, even bigger than the Nuremberg one. Neither Hungary nor Czechoslovakia, neither Afghanistan nor Georgia would be plunged by the Soviet troops, as the Soviet Union would be destroyed in 1946. Since 1950, Russia would be an independent, peaceful and democratic country, competing with mixed results with other countries of the "Big Five" - America, Europe, Japan and the Crimea.
The boundary between Europe and Asia would shift to the line passing through Smolensk and Sevastopol. Ukraine would have a referendum is every year, finding out whether the population wants Ukraine to be European state or a state of Russia; every few years, Ukraine will go from Europe to Russia and back. On one of these transitions, during street clashes, one of the separatists (in Europe's favor or in favor of Russia) would be injured; all the newspapers of the world would be screaming about this case as an outbreak of xenophobia, fascism and terrorism. Joseph Dzhugashvili die by a natural death on the island of St. Helena, in the prison, well before expiration of his 2000000 year jailing sentence. His "History of the Communist Party of Russia" would stand in the libraries in the Science-Fiction section between the "Marquis de Sade" and "Baron Munhgausen."

If the rebel slaves along with Spartacus, fleeing North, would not deviated to the east and would have done the work to the Khazars, then the world would never knew about the descendants of these slaves (slavians); and after a couple of thousand years, the demagogy by Karl Marx would not find the naive people to grow-up and to bear the poisonous fruit. Well, there would be no Slavians. Nobody would know about Dmitrii Mendeleev, nor Aleksandr Stoletov, nor even about Vasily Aksenov. The Table of chemical elements would have to be discovered by some Newlands or Mayer. As for vodka - no way, the whole world would drink sake until strong alcohol intoxication..

If the Lord had changed his mind to create Eve ...
- Ah! No! It hurts me.. Not that, please!!!
- How about this way?
- Now is fine... But not hurry up, be careful.. please.. Remember, I'm your History! ..

- If Askold and Dir would not converted to Christianity, which gradually inclined to dogmatism and the Inquisition, the freedom-loving religion of paganism would make impossible the horrors of a bloody and cowardly age of the Twentieth Century.

200 years ago, would the Orthodox Church worry about seals of Russians, not in the accumulation of treasures, that the slavery would not be possible in Russia; the Russian farmers would have no competitors on this planet; and Russia would be strong and prudent country. In particular, in 1812, no Napoleon would dare to attack the Russian land.

100 years ago, would the Russians think by themselves, instead of accepting dogmas of Christianity and Marxism, then neither war with Japan in 1905, nor even the First World War would be possible.

At the beginning of the last century, would the communists not rob the banks, then they would be able to create their kibbutzim and communes legally, being the land and equipment from the results of their communist labor.

If Lenin had not ordered create a concentration camp, then neither Stalin not Hitler would do that.

If, after 1918, the Communists worked, instead of having to fight (especially against each other) for power then they would have had no need to promote terror against the population of the USSR.

If the goal of Bolsheviks would be Prudence lad Law, then they would have no need to kill the family of Nicholas Romanov.

Wouldn't Lenin in 1920 promise the communism sit-in 15-20 years, Stalin would not have to isolate him at Gorki.

Would not Stalin aimed the destruction of Russia and Russians , then he would have no need to arrest the leading Russian engineers and generals.

Would Stalin had not feared that by 1940 the population of the USSR remember the Lenin's promise about communism in the late thirties, he should have no need to destroy the best part of the Russian population in the GULAG; and in 1939 the Soviet Union would not have to enter the Second World War on the side Germany.

- Oh! I love to feel you deeply inside.. Please, keep doing..

- If anti-fascist Isaev- Stirlitz would have any moral values, in fall 1939, he would have renounced his Soviet citizenship and began to work for other countries - in England, France or America.

If Stalin had not feared that after the war, Richard Sorge writes in his memoirs that he warned in advance the Soviet Administration about the date of beginning of Barbarossa, then Stalin would have no need to reveal it to the Japanese police.

Is Stalin would not prepar the invasion of Europe, he would would have no need to scarify the significant part of the Red Army in Vyborg.

If the Soviet regime would be good for Eastern Europe, they would have no need to join NATO.

In 1980, would the communism be built in the USSR, this woold be a mitigating factor when considering the crimes of Soviet veterans.

in 1979, would Brezhnev and Andropov have not fear that the people ermines that the communism had been promised for 1980, they would not need to begin war in Afghanistan.

- Oooh, Dear! I am cumming!!!..

- History, darling, you're probably tired ... Let's change the position.. I want to once again ... Like this:

In the USSR, wold the KGB agents worry about the country, instead of to commit robbery and terror, they would arrest all the Communists.
Wouldn't the Soviet Veterans be egoistic cowards, such criminals as Stalin and Beria would never take a power.

Would the security officers be honest, they would not give the super power to the corrupt oligarchy.

Wouldn't the Soviet veterans be criminals, they should have no need to lie in the textbooks, and they would have no need to entail the patriots who used to say the truth.

Wouldn't the soviet veterans be sadists, fascists, they would not destroy millions of compatriots.

Would be patriots among the security officers, they would have to shot the Communists.

Would the soviet veterans think about Country instead of to rob and to kill, the Soviet Union would not have collapsed.

Would the communists be not hypocrites, then in 1992, they would not convert so quickly to capitalists.

Would the life in the USSR was better than in Europe and America, people were running to the USSR, not from the USSR.

Would Khrushchev and Brezhnev were thinking about the needs of the country, they would care about Russian peasants instead of to support American farmers.

Would the soviet veterans believe in their dogmas, they would have no need to suppress those to express doubts.

Would the Soviet veterans not destroy the most of the population of Russia, there would be no need to invite the Chinese workers to Siberia.

Would the Russian space pilots protest against dispersal of peaceful demonstrations and pickets, then the OMON police would not be called "cosmonauts"

Would Putin had the capacity for economic activity, he would have no need to insert large pieces from the colleagues's publications into his thesis..
Would Putin have any education, his language would not be like that of a kindergarden.
Would Putin not organize the apartment explosions in Moscow, it would be hard to find pretext for destroying the city Grozny, and Yeltsin would not find an excuse to push through a KGB man for president.

Would NATO take seriously the statement of the Russian military's readiness to be the first to use nuclear weapons in the XXI century, they would have to destroy with a preventive (non-nuclear) hit all the Russian launchers.

Wouldn't Putin set the prohibitive custom taxes on imported cars, the separatists would not be so strong.

Would the thousands Russians died in Georgia in August 2008 just civilians, legally abiding in Georgia, then the Russian government would publish a list of them and submit it to the International Court some thousands of claims.

Would the Russian government fulfill the Medvedev-Sarkozy plan, then the Russian troops would have been outside of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Would the Abkhazia and North Ossetia adnimistation respect the human right and international laws, the puppet leareds of these regions would have no need to deny the entry to the international observers.

Would Medvedev have real power and the desire to do something good for Russia, he would expulse Putin and other criminals from the government, KGB and police.

Would Medvedev try to establish the independent police, he would have banned the FSB.

Would the Russian leaders be not criminals, after the failure of several investigations political killings, the investigation officers would be expelled..

Would not the leaders of Edro know about the terrorist attack in Beslan in advance, they would not be able to submit in time the notification about the meeting for the victims.
Wouldn't the leaders of Edro know about the crash of the Nevsky Express in advance, they would not be able to submit in time the notification about the meeting for the victims.,

- Oh, my dear..

- History, dear, do you like it?
- Yeah!!! Again.. Thanks.. And you?
- Yes..
- Well, but what is your name?
- I am Subjunctive Mood.
- Ah.. How can it be? I did not tolerate you, but now.. What is happening to me?
- My dear History, You become Science.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, my darling. We just made the most important exercise: There is no logics without operator "if", and there is no science without logics.

http://www.aabc.co.in/edit/1990-indian-interests-in-the-cis-.html Indian interests in the CIS. WEDNESDAY, 01 JUNE 2011 00:00. .. Politics, like history, does not tolerate subjunctive mood. ..
http://www.ippk.msu.ru/page/79 PANKOVA LIUDMILA NIKOLAEVNA, SCHEGORTSOV VALERIY ALEKSANDROVICH. CIVIL UNION OF RUSSIA: FROM PAST TO THE FUTURE. .. History does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, but the introduction of the aforementioned theory in the practice of the Russian statehood could have helped the nations of Russia to avoid many tragic events. ..
http://aarticles.net/culture-art-history/12606-pochemu-imya-fyodor-v-carskom-rodu-bylo-neschastlivym.html Lessons from the past. Personally to President Rahmon. 29-09-2011, 15:26. .. History does not tolerate the subjunctive mood. ..
http://aarticles.net/biographies/646-chto-my-znaem-ob-aleksee-mareseve.html" target="_blank"> http://aarticles.net/biographies/646-chto-my-znaem-ob-aleksee-mareseve.html Vladimir Petrov, Irina Ruban. In which things is Petrov good? (2012) .. History does not tolerate the subjunctive mood. ..
http://en.rian.ru/analysis/20110324/163178963.html Remembering a futile referendum. The collapse of the Soviet Union: 20 years on. 1/1/2013 11:20. .. History does not tolerate a subjunctive mood but logically, the head of the Union of Sovereign States would inevitably have less and less power. ..
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