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    Nine angry women (9 разгневанных женщин)

Warning: this is preliminary version. The update is at http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/Nine_angry_women_in_the_pool.
Русская версия здесь: http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/9_разгневанных_женщин_в_бассейне.

Well equipped sauna. Anje, Ansy, Golda, Ira, Kamiko, Kimyun, Marga, Rina and Taia enter, drop their clothes to the special boxes with their names, pee, take the shower, wash their bodies with soap, drink some beer or vine, eat some fruits served at the tables, make massage to each other, swim in the pool, and talking, talking, talking...

Taia: Feel yourself like at home...
All except Taia: Thanks.
Ansy: Great... What a fine moment... I should say my great thanks...
Taia: Try to be less formal.
Ansy: Should I be honest...
Taia: Yes, of course...
Ansy: What a boring was the meeting... We are skidding... I do not know what do we wrong...
Kamiko (drinks red vine): Nothing wrong. No solution, as usually...
Ira: Since the League of Nation, did we ever had a good solution at the official meeting?
Kimyun: At least, all the wars had finished with final peaceful meetings.
Anje (sadly): Uhum, after to kill half-population.
Marga: Less than half.
Ansy: We stopped in time.
Ira: You say this because that did not touch your countries.
Rina: This touched everybody, you know.
Kamiko: And still touches.
Ansy: Sorry. I only said that we could not elaborate any common position today...
Golda: That's because we were too official.
Taia: Please, let us be less official. Let us be not official at all. At least here.
Ansy: Then, all we say here should be kept in the secret.
Kimyun: Any secret known to more that two persons...
Taia: If some of us disagree, then we'll have no advances.
Anje: I also dislike the secrets. Past century, we had a strong secret with one big country...
Taia: How about the compromise: we'll release the result, but keep between us all the discussion.
All, but Taia last: Agree.
Rina: On some questions we could agree even at the meeting.
Kamiko (drinks again): This red one is delicious.
Kimyun (drinks the recommended vine): Only on this subject we agree.
Anje: Not only on this.
Rina: Ok, let's count. The big barbarian country. Yes?
All: Yes.
Kamiko: With disputed lands on all around, yes?
Rina: There is no discussion about the totally dependent "republics" with puppet governments. Just occupation.
All (except Golda): Yes.
Golda: Kamiko, I think, your case is also is clear enough.
Ansy: Perhaps, it was fault of our leaders, but we tried to make peace with bolsheviks.
Golda (laughing): Why didn't you make peace with Saddam, nor with Slobodan, ah?
Ansy: You know, we expected the people to make the democratic reform.
Ira: Uhm, in our case, Winston also had expected some democratic reforms; so, they left; but we got the civil war instead.
Ansy: Do you remember what did Mahatma say about Winston?
Ira: Mahatma was philosopher, not a politician.
Marga: Winston was not stupid. We could not do anything there that time. Then he realized this, we just left.
Golda: Winston "just left" from India; now we all "just leave" from Russia...
Ansy: We cannot leave, because we did not yet enter seriously. And, perhaps, we cannot enter. I already had said this.
Golda: But obviously they do all wrong. Perhaps, soon we'll have just the radioactive waste at the north of Asia...
Ira: Why "radioactive"?
Golda: Because the edro will use all the possibilities to keep their power. Including the nuclear weapon. They are testing the plutonium grenades now.
Kamiko: Yes, we got those news. Our satellites do not see through the mountings; but the hodographic simulations confirm this.
Marga (drinks some vine): Are you serious?
Kamiko: Yes. Perhaps, their governmental soldiers (who are supposed to deal with such grenades) do not yet know, that they are prepared to serve as suicide bombers. We never were so cruel to our soldiers.
Rina: That "tandem" easy had sent thousands of their soldiers for the infamy death.
Ansy: Well, let us be impolite. What do we want to do with these terrorists?
Golda: Kick them well until they recognize the right of other countries to be out of their terrorism. And without invasion of their corruptioners.
Rina: We cannot yet kick them well, you know. Nor Ansy is a monarch-queen to order their people to attack the foreign country.
Ansy: Well, if one attacks our cities with passenger jets...
Golda: This is your decision, to let these terrorists to grow up until this level.
Taia: We try to explain them that the peaceful collaboration is better than terrorism. We had discussed the visas.
Anje: They'll use these visas to fill the Europe with terrorists and criminals. During many years we tried to limit the flux of poor Russians.
Ansy: We did the same...
Anje: Now we have the opposite problem: a lot of rich (and also some not so rich) people from South, and huge amount of very rich Russians.. I really do not know how can we handle them if they begin to offer a billion bribes to our officials. After the bolshevik tyranny, they have absolutely no moral limits.
Marga: Yes. For Europe, this is so dangerous, as a real hot war.
Golda: Not only Europe.
All (singing): They're dangerous...
Ansy: We already discuss the entry prohibition for the edro's or nashists.
Kimyun: Your Congress is so big that you'll never come to the solution.
Ansy: Well, but this will be the people solution, not just my will.
Kimyun: I also do not arrange all by my will, but I have support from the people.
Kamiko: Uhum, how many political prisoners do you have?
Kimyun: But we do not kill them as these terrorists. We need some stability to avoid the civil war. Step by step we go to the civilization.
Ira: I do not see that you advance a lot on this way.
Kimyun: Step by step...
Marga: Kimyun does not seem to advance much, but I believe this is choice of many of their citizen.
Kimyun: I follow the will of my people.
All except Kimyun and Rina: Hmmm.
Rina: May I return to the topic of terrorism?
Ira: Whom do you ask? Should we elect a chair-lady?
Marga: I suggest Ansy.
Ansy: No, no. The chair should be Taia. We all are guests.
All (except Taia): Taia, Taia, please.
Taia (removing the cap from the pool): Thanks. Hence, first question. Should we discuss the terrorism now? I open the pull.
All (jumping into the pool): Ja! Hi!
Taia: Rina has so say something very unofficial about terrorism.
Rina: I told, we have caught several Russian spies...
Kamiko (with low voice): Ansy's and Rina's stuff are skillful in this.
Rina (continues): ...and who knows how many of them remain resident... To send terrorists - this is part of their ideology. Perhaps, Anje knows what I am talking about.
Golda: Well, we had elaborated some agreement on this, didn't we?
Marga: Since past century, I would not say that these agreements work well..
Anje: Rina, I understand your point, may I add? First, the modern espionage from the Russian side means terrorism. There are special terrorist camps at Chechnya and the terrorist summer school at Seliger. The students learn to kill. This is their ideology - to support "theirs". They call themselves "us". In their language, "nashi". This is us-ism, nashism. This is equivalent of Hitler-Jugend. The only difference - nashists have no own ideas except collective narcissism. Nashists have no ideology except to support nashists with all legal and illegal ways, eliminating, killing the enemies without limits and borders. They have no other ideology. While Putin allows them to do this, they support Putin. The most efficient killers from nashists come to the "United Russia", in their language "Edinaya Rossia", "edro", and become edrists, edroses. They learn to consider the murder as a regular event and they learn to kill their enemies, their opponents (and even their friends) without any human emotions. We had this in past century; now this happens to Russia. What can we do against these terrorist barbarians? Their practice - just to kill opponents. They already killed tens of the most prominent journalists; this is genocide. This is fascism. They almost killed the journalists Oleg Kashin and Konstantin Fetisov, as they used to kill tens of jourrnalists before. There are many names - Estemirova, Politkovskaya, Baburova, Markelov, Beketow, Schekochihin. They were just killed by the terrorists. The nashists worn that they go to beat and to kill those who says "wrong" things. Thousands people demand the police to find the killers, but the police never find them. Hundreds people protest against the sabotage of police; but the police, instead of to catch the terrorists, arrest the protesters. The terrorists remain free. They pretend to be humans. As humans, they enter our countries. We cannot return to nazism; and there is almost nothing we can do against them. They are rich, some of them speak European languages, and, after they enter the European Union, it is difficult to identify them. We do not want to force our citizen to keep the Ausweis all the time. How can the police ask Ausweis from a naked citizen while he or she just leaves from water after to swim? Now the terrorists bribe our officials, and they kill those who tries to stop them. They kill even their supporters. This is Soviet tradition, the important part of their budget they spend just to support the terrorism; some parts of that terrorism drop to our countries.
Golda: Hence, let us force them to stop terrorism in their country; then, they will not export it to our countries. Would they not to support the islamists, we would stop the terrorism in the past century.
Ansy: Well. First, we should state, that terrorism is not an internal affair of any country that had signed the Human Right declaration...
Ira: Such statements are repeated again and again since the past century...
Ansy: Yes.
Rina: The problem is that the civilized countries do not have any efficient way to force the Tandem to follow the international agreements.
Golda: Do you think we could bomb them? We'll have to intercept all their missiles. If we cooperate together, we could do it.
Marga: Yes, We'll have to intercept all their missiles. They are monkeys with nuclear grenades.
Ira: We'll have to intercept all their nukes.
Ansy: We'll have to intercept all their nukes and sink all their submarines. Our service seems to be successful tracing them.
Anje: Do you mean the preventive hit? To crash them completely, 1941 ?
Kamiko: You did not use the support of the Russian people. With your nazism. Would you declare the war against bolsheviks and their terrorism, you would be successful. We could be successful!..
Ansie: Oops...
Kamiko (to Anje, continues): .. You could use some Lenin's texts in your propaganda, he had declared the dictatorship and the terrorism as their policy. They had revealed that by themselves! You could use this; this would be stronger than any nazi ideology...
Anje: We could not, you know; we had the similar problem by ourselves.
Golda: But now we can.
Kamiko: The preventive hit gives only the temporal advantage. Even if we get some support of their people.
Anje: We need more permanent solution of our problem.
Golda: Let us fight them with their own weapon. Let us send our agents to their country, and we'll get the information; then we'll catch their terrorists one by one. With the international cooperation, we can do this well...
Ira: Do you think this is civilized way?
Kimyun: All ways are good while fighting against the terrorism!
Taia: Bravo, Kimyun! I see you follow our common idea to be non-formal!
Kimyun (continues): They pretend to collaborate; in some sense this works. You can easy bribe anyone from their government. But their tandem destroy their country, and, I feel, very soon this Tandem must die.
Kamiko (singing in the manner of opera "J.C.Superstar" by Tim Rice, with irony): We should crash them completely, this tandem must die!
All, sing (first ironically, then more and more seriously): Must die, must die, this tandem must die! Must die, must die this tandem must die!.. This Russia, this Russia, this Russia MUST DIE.
Kimyun (singing, pretty seriously): The only solution, their total destruction.
Taia (Tries to stop singing, but the melody forces her): We are not yet ready for violent action...

(Pause. Women look at each other, slowly understanding, what did they just sang.)

Kimyun (with normal voice): Well... But nobody ask any violent action from you.
Taia: neither from me. Nor from my people.
Kimyun (tries not to sing, but the song comes again): Nor from your people. So, do not worry.
Ansy (tries not to sing, but the melody catches her): How not to worry? They sent killers to us.
Marga (tries not to sing, but the melody catches her): They send killers, send killers, send killers to us!
Ansy (tries not to sing, but the melody forces her): Sometimes we catch them, their spies and their killers...
Anje (tries not to sing, but the melody forces her): And also the flux of RF-drugdillers
Ansy (singing): Smash the RF, and stop narkodillers!
All (singing): Smash the RF, and stop narkodillers!
Ansy: We should not allow them come to our lands.
All (singing): We should not allow them come to our land.
Rina(sings without her will): We catch their spies, and we catch their killers!
Anje(singing): Kick them, destroy them with strong iron hand!
Ansy (singing) They forget about God, they forget about Jesus..
Anje (singing): We should stop them now, suspend all their visas!
Golda (singing): They consider a human, as piece of a meat...
All (singing): Deny them, deny them the entry permit!
Ansy: Sorry, my friends, that is not so easy.
All: We'll do it! We'll do it! Police will be busy!
Golda: We'll stop them! We'll catch them! We'll jail them forever!
Taia (singing): I beg you, stop singing! Our minds should be clever!
Kamiko (cries): Stop! Stop! Please! No singing!

(pause. All are absolutely disappointed, looking each other)

Ansy (with normal voice): We could not even stop the visas. Until now some erdo's and nashists enter our country! They continue to enter... We failed to pass the Bill through the Congress..
Kimyun: This is because you have not enough power even in your country.
Ansy: I would not like to have so much power as you have.
Kimyun: Power is never "too much".
Anje: Sometimes.
Kimyun: I understand what do you mean, but your case was past century!
Anje and Golda (together): This may happen any century!

(Pause. Anje and Golda look at each other wondering, how could it happen that they said just the same.)

Taia: Well, Kimyun, I respect your point of view, but what way do you suggest?
Kimyun: We should join our efforts against this terrorism. This is terrorism at the level of the government. We should remove their economic basis. This is not a new idea...
Marga: You mean Winston?
Kimyun: Yes. We respect both Winston and Stalin. Winston had formulated this, and Stalin begun the realization.
Marga: It is usual to compare Stalin and Hitler, but why Winston?
Kimyun: Both Stalin and Hitler worked to eliminate the horrible country. After Stalin, all was bad... Now, with Putin, we are recovering the correct course. And this is the course suggested by Winston, the idea by Winston.
Rina: What course? Cold War? Destruction of Russia?
Marga: Ah, the "Oil Optimum"... 15 millions...
Kimyun: Yes. This is the only way we can stop the Russian terrorism.

(pause. Women try to catch the last words by Rina, Marga and Kimyun.)
Ansy: Once, we were blamed for the Dulles' Plan... Now it should be called the Putin's Plan: Donald Dulles had nothing to do with it, but Putin does realize it.
Kamiko: May I remind my today's talk? Now I can sharp it... We should reconsider the sense of term "economical interests". Sometimes it looks pretty convenient to deal with Russia. With their moral-less oligarchs. With their corrupted government. This means cheap oil, cheap gas, sometimes even grain; cheap storage of the nuclear waste... and for all these we used to pay with out-of-date products, old technologies, and, until recently, with used cars... (As if they would be able to make new cars comparable in quality with our used ones.) Now we realize, the most of oligarchs are edro's, they were communists, now they pretend to be capitalists (edro's, nashists, etc.)... They are neither communists, not capitalists! They never were communists. They are just terrorists!
Marga: Yes. I agree. Actually, accepting the edro's and nashists in our countries, we support robbers. We buy the prime-products they rob from their people. For a time, this is economically efficient. I mean, together with edro's to manage to robe their country. With our help, they create the criminal structures, and we get some money they robe from their victims. This is money of involvement. This is money of participation.
Ansy (falling into singing): Yes, this is not a fee, this is something more! This is a blood money...
Kamiko (interrupts): Ansy, please, no singing!
Ansy: Sorry. For us, this is economically efficient. For a time. Until they destroy, eat all their victims inside their country. Then they will look around for the next victim. They are rich enough to buy all they need for this.
Golda: Including some weapon.
Kamiko: Taia, may I guess, why Nicole is not with us?
Taia: Yes, Mistrals.
Rina and Kamiko (together): They sell Mistrals to these occupants!
Kamiko: Is Nicole with Putin?
Ansy: I hope, Nicole already understands that they do completely wrong.
Taia: In some sense, we all do something "wrong" because we have to buy from Russia and we have to sell to Russia, and we cannot avoid this. I agree with Kamiko. There is important point. Would we begin some serious embargoes, id est, if we reply to Tandem with the same politics they do with their grain and Kamiko's cars, we would punish the Russian people, not the Russian terrorists.
Marga: Yes. The Russian terrorists have enough money... They will be glad to reduce the population of Russia to the famous 15 millions; they need these 15 millions as servants and personal of their oil rigs; that is all.
Kimyun: Sorry, Marga; small correction. The Russian oligarchs do not need even these 15 millions. We do everything better. The true Putin's plan is to eliminate Russian as nation. May be, we'll have to keep some teachers of the Russian language, in order to save it from the disappearance. Lenin and Stalin used to talk Russian; so, it should not become a dead language.
Ira: Is this that we mean singing "We should crash them completely"?
Kimyun: Yes.


Rina: Then we'll recover the constitutional order at the occupied territories. Without any shout. Well..
Kamiko: We'll recover our Northern Territories without to loss any soldier. Let it be so!..
Ansy: Then they will not send terrorists to us. The main source of terrorism will be out. This would be fine...
Golda: Nobody will supply weapon to the terrorists! Let it be so!.. And Nicole also losses her main supporter.
Marga: And nobody will poison the people at our land! I am for this!.. How soon can you finish this?
Kimyun: Within few years. All their governmental staff are already completely corrupted. The only few idiots like Zhirinovsky and Zuganovtry try to provoke the war, but they have no technology to do it seriously. Putin keeps them as dolls to play the opposition. They are not dangerous.
Ira: Nobody will play the dirty tricks with our tea. I support this. The only I afraid, since the Soviet Union they have some achievements.
Taia: All their achievements are at the level of the past century. Their today's level - Skolkovo and gravitsapa. Id est, pure pseudo-science. Then, we solve our problems without to break our agreements with Russia. I like this. I try to summarize the pull. Who is for the extermination of Russia, raise your hand, please. Are all we in the pool?

Some participants jump into the pull, raising their hands.

Taia: Well... Hence, we have Kamiko, Marga, Ansy, Kimyun (of course), Ira, Anje, Golda, myself (raises her hand up), Ri.. How about Rina? Do you support the extermination of Russia?
Rina: I am in doubts. I dislike the Russian government. They are just bandits, cannibals and barbarians. But... What shall be with the Russian people?
Kimyoun: Nobody will exterminate the Russian people. We are not in the 20th century. We just do not need them. You'll be free to take so many Russian refugees as you like.
Rina: We cannot accept them all...
Kimyoun: You have no need to accept them all. Some of them will be accepted in Canada; they have a lot of land in the polar area. Some will be accepted in Australia; the central part is not yet populated. With the modern technology, the central Africa, I mean Sakhara, will be pretty comfortable for them. The rest we'll send to Nicole; let her get the fruits of her policy.
Taia. The territory of France is not sufficient for this. What do you expect the French farmers will say about this?

The Horst Wessel song ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYIU09o1gsI ) plays at the background.

Anje: The French farmers will say thanks to Nicole for the wise policy with Mistrals. The only, may be, the French pigs and the French bulls raise the strike, that the Russian animals occupy their positions. We'll buy this meet for the strategic deep freeze. And, in such a way, Kimyoun finishes that our grandfathers failed to do. In a pretty civilized way. They play the economic war - they will have it with respect to themselves. Their international ideology sometimes achieved some success because it was organized in a militant political party which was always ready to take the offensive. We'll fight them with their own weapon. They begin economical war - we respond with economical war. They occupy the neighbor territories - we'll occupy their territory! They send terrorists to us - let us prepare terrorists against them!
Golda: Sorry, I change my mind. I dislike such a solution. This is not a civilized way.
Ira: Golda, they send weapon to the terrorists!
Golda: The Russian government are terrorists and fascists. But we are not!
Kimyun: Please, understand me correctly. I am not kind of a fascist, and I do not suggest any genocide with respect to Russians. We should not exterminate the Russians; and, actually, we have no need to do this; they are doing this job by themselves. This nation does suicide. We just occupy the place they release. Stalin was great in this; he did a lot. Now Putin continues the same important job, and we respect him as a great politician.
Marga and Ansy: But this "great politician" sends terrorists to us!

Kimyun: Try to catch his terrorists, but keep him doing his job. Soon he will finish it. Then we'll put all in Law and Order.
Taia: Finish what? Russia?
Kimyun: Yes. There will be no Russians, and nobody will send terrorists to your countries.
Taia: I do not think that you should call all the people who lives in Russia as "Russians".
Kimyun: How many non-Russians are there?
Golda: I suspect, the most of non-Russians there are already chinese, hans; are they?
Kimyun: I do not understand your sarcasm, Golda. By the way, do you know whom do they call "gans"!
Anje: Perhaps, everybody knows. There are still many Germans there.
Kimyun: Soon you will have the same oil, the same gas, the same deposits, the same wood and the same grain; and even more that you have now, and even cheaper. You'll be able to maintain all the Germans from all the world, not only from Russia. You'll have the same you have now, but without their terrorism. You know, we are good workers. We'll do it better than Russians.
Rina: How about the North Caucasus? Do you consider them as "Russians" too?
Kimyun: Let the North Caucasus be independent Imarat. This is not area of our interests. Who wants to include Imarat in her area of interests? Rina, how about you? Do you think you can handle all the Caucasus?
Rina: I do not think so. For us, Georgia is enough. Just in the borders recognized by the international society. If we do well in Georgia, this does not mean that we'll be so successful over all the Caucasus...
Golda: Rina is right. If they were successful to kill thousands of Russian intruders, this does not mean that they can be successful in guerilla; even after extermination of Russia.
Anje: Golda, you have problems with the palestinians because the Tandem deliver them the bombs and missiles. The extermination of Russia will solve these problems.
Golda: Not so easy...
Taia: Not so easy. Even if we destroy the Russian Federation (I believe, in principle, together we could do it within few days), what shall we do with the Russian people? I do not approve the extermination.
Rina: You may consider me as an emotional woman, but I love Russians. Our men always want to compete with Russians. Not with Americans, not with Chinese, but with Russians.
Marga: They have occupied your country, Rina. Do you forget this?
Rina: No, I do not forget this. I hate the occupants. I would like to kill, sorry, to arrest an to espulse every Russian who steps our country without permission, as well as anybody of any nationality, ethnicity or citizenship. But we DO GIVE them permission to enter our country while they come without weapon, with their friendship or with honest business. We like guests but we hate occupants. They have criminal government, because many of them are stupid like small children. You should not kill children. The Kremlin mafia are criminals, and I shall support you if you destroy namely them. But keep the Russians and keep the Russia. This is my opinion.
Kamiko: Rina's position is emotional, but self-consistent... I would like formulate one more thing. Not emotional at all, but pretty rational. In order to use all the staff Kimyun talked about, we all need technology. For these technologies, we need Science. Some Russians are great scientists. We need Russians. We cannot grow Russians by ourselves; so, we need to keep Russia for this. We want the Northern Territories back, but not by the price of extermination of Russia. We need to keep at least part of Russia as Russia. Give us the Northern territories; perhaps, Karafuto too; even Enkai-Chibau, id est, Primorie, if the people who live there accept this; but leave some part of Russia for Russians. Return the South Ossetia and Abkhazia to Georgia; return Ivangorod to Estonia, return Koenigsberg to Germany; return Karelia to Karelians or to Suomi, but leave some of Russia for Russians.
Taia: It is not so easy with Karelia. There are many poor people there; there are many really bad people there; and it is not so easy to accept them all.
Anje: We had the same problem with the Eastern part, but we have solved it.
Ansy: If we leave the terrorists at least one square meter of territory, they will send spies and killers from this square meter of territory. They send spies to our country. They send killers to our country. We should exterminate the terrorism. Switch them out completely. We like Russian, but they cannot have their government. They let such a government become terrorists.
Ange: Slavians are nation of slaves. Some of them can be very good workers, but they need the foreign vigilance. We should not allow them to prepare terrorists.
Marga: They send killers to our country. Has such a country a right to exist at all? They shut down the passenger airplanes, they bomb the trains. They sunk the cargo ships. They support the sea-piracy. We should exterminate them. Let us proceed the Winston's plan.
Kimyun: Thank you for the reminding, Marga. They sunk our New Star boat. After we finish them, they'll not be able to sink anybody.
Kamiko: They kill our mariners too. Their ruling party are terrorists, but we should not extend this to all the population. We should force them to the peace, but we should keep them as nation.
Taia: Do I understand well that the question about terrorism is already converted to the question of existence (or extermination) of Russia?
Rina: Yes, it seems so. I do not accept the extermination of Russia.
Ansy: We should eliminate the terrorism completely. Russia is country of terrorism. Hence, we should eliminate it.
Kamiko: Past century, our country also did not do all the things in the most correct way. But you did not exterminated us. Why do you want to exterminate Russia?
Ansy: We had to apply the nukes. Until now many our citizen do not approve this. I hope this will never repeat. Now we can use the civilized way. No nukes!
Kamiko: Hence you'll not nuke Russia?
Ansy: Nobody wants to nuke Russia. Nukes are not selective. If we act together, we have sufficient armament to kill or capture all their soldiers with conventional weapon; but even this is not necessary. We have no need to attack them: they are exterminating themselves.
Kamiko: Sorry.
Ansy: The question is not should we destroy them or not. The question is, should we save them or we should allow them to eat themselves.
Rina: We should save them.
Kamiko: We should save them.
Taia: I afraid we cannot keep in order so big territory without Russians.
Kimyun: Do not worry, WE CAN. We have enough people for this.
Taia: Kimyun, let me formulate this in a little bit different way. Do you consider the interaction between nations as just a merciless competition, or sometimes some voluntary help is allowed?
Kimyun: What kind of help are you talking about with respect to these lazy and cruel idiots? We all agree that they are just terrorists. They kill everybody they consider as a suitable victim. They kill their journalists. They do not find the killers; hence their terrorism is approved at the level of their prime-minister and their president. They kill themselves.
Taia: I just afraid that one moment any nation may happen in the place of "cruel idiots". Even my one and even your one. And I want my nation to have some reserve parachute. Russia is such a chute.
Anje: This is not a chute, this is a bomb! Fascism was created as "bolshevism", and then it came to Europe as Hitlerism, and only then it got its name in Italy. The concentration camps, hostels, total censorship and the terror as the governmental policy was established by Lenin.
Ira: Lenin used to pick up the German ideas.
Anje: You are talking about events of almost two hundred years old!
Ira: The catastrophe of 1917 was arranged for German money. Past century. The old idea came from India. We are all in some sense guilty. We should save Russia.
Ansy: Now I have doubts; if past century Douglas had saved Japan, why this century cannot we save Russia in a similar way?
Kamiko: We should save some of Russia.
Taia: We should save some Russia.
Rina: We should save Russia.
Kimyun: Why do you care so much about Russia? You may take so many Russians, as you need, we do not care! But what for do you need this terroristic country, that still keep your territories occupied, kills the citizen of all nations, in all countries?!
Ansy: Taia, I think, I catch your point; let me explain, how do I understand this. Kimyun, the problem is not our pool. Even if you would convince all of us. The problem is that the people in our countries will not accept the extermination of Russia. Even while Russians are terrorists. (Although not all of them are terrorists.) Even while they are going self-extermination. The people in Europe, the people in America will not accept this for very simple reason: they afraid that their nation will be next. Do you understand?
Kimyun: Yes, of course. This is because you do not have enough power even in your countries...
Anje: Kimyun, we already passed through this. Past century, there was period, the government had enough power. And not only in our country. You know the result. It was very heavy lesson, but we learned this. As soon, as you declare that some nation is "better", and conclude, that therefore, the losers should disappears, immediately...
Kimyun (interrupts): Yes, I understand, but we do not plan to attack anybody, as you did! If the people of that nation cannot defend themselves from their own terrorists, should we cary about that people?
Kamiko: Sorry, Kimyun, we should.
Ansy: We should.
Golda: You know how much do I dislike these katsaps, but we should.
Rina: We should.
Taia: We should.
Kimyun: Hence, forever you'll have the terrorists. They will buy "Mistrals" from France and sell the enriched uranium to Iran, Iraq and arabian terrorists. Perhaps, plutonium too. And your "we should" will fall on your golden head, my dear Golda!
Taia: Shh, Kimyun, do not cry. We listen you.
Kimyun (continues): And your "we should" will fall into your building, Ansy. To your cities and villages, Taia. You'll have their tanks again, Rina. They'll bomb again Helsinki and Gori - as soon as some military general found that this gives some profit to his own bank account. They did the great job in the past century; now this job is over. We do not need them. They bring just disaster, disorder. They shut down the passenger jets. They sank the cargo ships. They bomb the trains and kill journalists. This is devil machine, they destroy themselves and they disturb us. Putin and Kadyrov used to kill tens of their own journalists trying to hide their crimes. They worn journalists that if one writes something wrong, will be beaten or killed. The last one, as I remember, was Oleg Kashin. And many before. Of course, they do not find the killers. They are destroying Russia by themselves; let them finish this job.
Ansy: It was already said, that the terrorism have no nationality. It is already not true. We wee how they form the new nationality. Nationality of barbarians, nationality of cannibals, nationality of liars and hypocrites. They have no scientific achievements. Maximum of their achievements are at the level of nano-suspensions against dafnias and the inertioids a la baron Munchausen. They speak Russian, but they kill Russian writers. They learn English and other languages as necessary. Kimyun, you may easy destroy the most creative part of Russians - scientists, artists, sportsmen. This is most vulnerable part of the population. I mean, those who did not yet escaped to other countries. You may eliminate also some drugers and alcoholics. The rest will be just nation of terrorists. You did not feel it yet, because Chinese is more difficult to learn than English. But after several years many of them will speak Chinese, and they'll destroy your country from inside - just in the way Stalin did this with the Soviet Union.
Kimyun: The true destructors of the Soviet Union came after Stalin.
Ange: Stalin used to grow up those who did this. And he destroyed those who could defend their country. The Russian terrorists in the government already begun to intrude to other countries. They learn languages and bring their genetic aggression. This is nation of terrorists.
Kimyun: We'll be careful; only Chinese can occupy the administrative positions.
Anje: This does not work for a long time. We had believed that some immigrant became Americans. But they happened to be spies and terrorists.
Kimyun: It is not so difficult to distinguish Chinese from Russian.
Anje: You mean genetic, morphological features? Race's differences?
Ira: Kimyun, the racial ideas are destructive. You'll have the same troubles as Germans had past century.
Anje: Not just "troubles", DISASTER!
Ira: We should stop terrorists. After to eat Russia, they will eat all us.
Anje: We should stop them. We should stop their terrorism and save the Russians and the Russia. New Sikorky will come from them. New Gamov. New Pishkin. New Gelfand.
Golda: Anje, the last case is our.
Ansy: Sorry, Golda, the last case is our. And Sikorsky is also our.
Kimyun: As for Pushkin, he was from Africa. They kidnapped the poet gens from blacks.
Ira: Kimyun, it does not matter the color of skin. Neither you nor I can be considered as white. They grown in Russia. In general, Russians are good. The only they cannot defend themselves.
Kamiko: They try. There was battle at Primorie; thousands machines were involved...
Kimyun (with sarcasm): Why didn't you help the rebels?
Kamiko: Our constitution does not allow this, you know.
Taia: Kimyun, I had told you... Perhaps, only in your country the government is strong enough for such things... Each of us just represents her own people, in many cases we cannot do that we consider good... Even if you would convince one of us, she'll have to explain this to her people.
Kimyun: I would not say this about Americans...
Taia: Yes, not all the people accept all the Ansy's administration do. Even in the USA. But now they seem to understand things better.
Kimyun: Hence, what did they lost in Afghanistan, then?
Ansy: Source of terrorism. The same as Russia. We could finish with Afghanistan's terrorism with few nukes, but our constitution does not allow this. We try to save them instead.
Kimyun: You try to be the world's constable. Then your president should be elected in the worldwide elections, not only by Americans. You try to save them without to ask them; wether they want to be saved in such a way?
Ansy: Many of us are Christians...
Kimyun: What a nice type Christians, with guns and missiles! Priests in the nuclear military forces!
Ansy: We do not plan to save Russia bombing it.
Kimyun: What else can you do?
Ansy: First, we should do something against erdos and nashists. Shall I have to repeat?
Anje: The same about Europe. First, let us localize these terrorists in Russia. May be, some Russians awake and help us to deal with terrorists. Now, only a child can claim that there are no terrorists in the Russian government. They have problems because the terrorists save the goods they plunder from Russia in our countries. This gives us some temporal benefits. But only temporal. We should stop this at the level of governments. Terrorists should not be welcomed, even if they are rich and pretend to push forward our economics. Actually, they just push forward our corruption. They push their corruption, their style of corruption into our countries. The most Rusian people watches this but do nothing. They are sleeping...
Ansy: They are already awaking. Hope, you saw the news. Maneshnaya place, Gostinnyj Dvor, etcetera. Many thousands ask for the resign of their prime minister. The people complain about the terrorism with tespect to journalists, they condemn such a genocide.
Kamiko: Russian protesters had waved our flag together with tricolor at Vladivostok protesting against the Putin's cold war. I doubt if many of them even speak Japanese. It was just about terrorists and aggressors in their government.
Taia: There are Karelian flags in Petrozavodsk. For the similar reasons.
Anje: There were many thousands protesters in Koenigsberg. They are awaking.
Kimyun: Anyway, you cannot save Russia from the collapse. This is historical process.
Rina: I disagree.
Ira: The historical process is not straight.
Kimyun: We do not need that country. You have to agree and accept it. All your pool.
Taia: The pull is open, do we need Russia?
Rina: We do.
Kamiko: We do.
Ansy: We do.
Ira: We do.
Marga: We do.
Anje: We do.
Golda: We do.
Anje: We do.
Taia: We do... Kimyun, you are alone.
Kimyun: I am not alone. I represent the quarter of population of the Earth. You allowed me to be non-polite.
Ansy: Of course! And you are free to make coalition with Venezuela, Somali and Nauru.
Kimyun: Why do you need this corrupted and barbarian country? What a kind of international altruism, can you explain?
Ansy: This is not altruism, Anje and Kamiko told you. The Russian corruptioners are about to destroy Russia. We all were about to admit this. But there is serious danger in it.
Kimyun: Danger for whom? For Russians?
Ansy: Danger for us. Danger for you. The terrorists and corruptioners got huge money from Russia. They wash this money in our countries. They build up the huge industry that is not competitive at all, such an industry can work only washing the money from Russia. Can you imagine what will do all these corruptioners and terrorists after the Russia collapse?
Kimyun: They'll have to work as other people...
Ansy: No hopes for this, our dear Kimyun. They can't do other things. They'll have no Russians to robe, so, they'll do the same to us. All their terrorism will move to our countries. Including China. You are not exception.
Kimyun: I see, you have some reason, but anyway we need their minerals for our industry.
Kamiko: Nobody denies you the access to the minerals, but we need also some Russians and some Russia, do you understand?
Kimyun: Yes, but we should do something against their terrorism. They sank our cargoship. Then shout down the presidential airplanes...
Marga: First, we shold not allow these terrorists to wash their money in our countries. This is blood money. It does not go to the development of our countries, this money go to the corruption in our countries. This is just import of corruption... I see all agree...


Taia: I see, al the pool session is more efficient than the official.
Kimyun: More efficient? You did not suggest any solution!
Marga: We did. We know our first step. The Russian terrorists should not wash their blood money in our countries. Neither edros nor nashists in the UK!
Anje: Neither edros nor nashists should enter Europe.
Ira: Neither edros nor nashists should enter India.
Rina: Neither edros nor nashists should enter Georgia.
Golda: Neither edros nor nashists should enter Israel.
Kamiko: Neither edros nor nashists should enter Japan.
Ansy: Neither edros nor nashists should enter the USA. Let the Congress know.
Kimyun: Neither edros nor nashists should enter China. I shall discuss this at the Central Commitee. But anyway I have to represent interests of our people.
Ansy: It is in the interest of your people, to have good relation with other nations. Including Russians. Good relations with the nations, not with the terrorist juntas bribed by corruptioners.
Kamiko: Kimyun, you may transfer this opinion to your Polit-bureau.
Ansy: Kimyun, this is good occasion to show that you have not only Polit-bureau, but also some Government..
Marga: The United Nations will support us.
Kimyun: We are only nine, we do not count with the majority in the United Nations.
Ansy: We'll do count. I know, Canada and Spain will be with us. Perhaps, even Mexico.
Marga: Norway, Sweden and Denmark too. Perhaps, even France.
Kimyun: Nicole will not loss her benefits with the mistrals.
Marga: We'll see. Taia: I hope, Litva, Latwia and Estonia will be with us.
Anje: Also, I think, we may count with Austria, Switzerland; perhaps, even Bulgaria and Moldova.
Ira: If Kimyun with us, we'll convince also Nepal. We'll get the majority!
Kimyun: This is not sufficient.
Ira: Anyway, the terrorists will have no place to hide their treasures... They'll have to transfer their capitals to some Somali or Nauru. No civilized country should accept terrorists...


Ira: How about to modify a little bit the schedule of our tomorrow's session?
Taia: Perhaps, we should prepare our statement about nashists and edros. Let us declare tomorrow that we work on this plan?.. It will be our first step in saving of Russia.
Kamiko: Let the people know about this plan.
Golda: Let the people know.
Kimyun: Shall we be able to repeat the same in front of cameras?
Kamiko: I shall.
Golda: We shall.
Rina: We shall.
Ansy: We shall.
Ira: We shall.
Marga: We shall.
Anje: We shall.
Anje: We shall.
Taia (looks at Kimuyn): We shall.

(pause; all look at Kimuyn)

Kimuyn: We shall.


Ira: Friends, let everyone suggests more details, and tomorrow, after the official session we'll compare our plans to stop the Russian terrorism and to save Russia.
All (except Ira, like echo): Stop Russian terrorism and save Russia.
Taia: Do you like this place?
All (except Taia): We like.
Taia: Hence, welcome here again after the tomorrow's session. By the way... the printer in the hall... the plastic pages are loaded there. The printing is water-resistant. The permanent markers are there at the table... Feel free to use that staff any moment as you need. We may work on our resolution in the pool...
All: Let's work in the pool.

(End of the First act)

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http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/opinion/12Kashin.html?_r=2 OLEG KASHIN. A Beating on My Beat. December 11, 2010 Three theories quickly emerged about who was behind the attack - which was, I believe, an assassination attempt. The first holds that it was the municipal authorities of Khimki, a town between Moscow and St. Petersburg. I had written several articles criticizing a proposed highway between the two cities that would run through the town, something the local authorities want but many residents oppose.// The second theory is that it was Andrei Turchak, the governor of the Pskov region, who was upset by a blog posting of mine arguing that he had his position only because of his ties to the Kremlin.// And the third theory is that the perpetrators came from Nashi, a youth movement I have criticized. The group's appearance on the public scene has accompanied a new level, and acceptance, of violence in Russian politics; members are called 'Nashists' by their opponents, as a pun on 'fascists,' for good reason.
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http://rumafia.com/person.php The best stories on the Russian madia.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35l_yA1ElVg Zakhavo. June 28, 2010. Тимур Шаов, Крысолов. (In Russian)
http://www.horrordrive-in.com/serendipity/index.php?/archives/218-They-Walked-Like-Men,-by-Clifford-D.-Simak.html Clifford D. Simak. They Walked Like Men.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703408604576164544055339836.html DEBORAH BALL, CASSELL BRYAN-LOW. Swiss Freeze Gadhafi's Assets. FEBRUARY 25, 2011. ZURICH - The Swiss government ordered the country's banks to block any assets belonging to the regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, marking Bern's fourth such freeze in the last month involving assets that may belong to African and Middle Eastern leaders.
http://www.wibw.com/world/headlines/Swiss_Banks_Freeze_Qaddafi_Libya_Assets_116876703.html Swiss Banks Freeze Qaddafi, Libya Assets. Feb 24, 2011. Not waiting until he's deposed like Tunisia's Ali and Egypt's Mubarak, Switzerland takes steps to block Muammar Qaddafi's funds there. Switzerland recently froze the Swiss assets of Tunisia's Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt's Hosni Mubarak - but only after they had been deposed...
http://govinthelab.com/u-s-freezes-32-billion-in-gaddafi-bank-accounts-u-k-adds-19-billion/?lang=en U.S. Freezes $32 Billion in Gaddafi Bank Accounts; U.K. Adds $19 Billion. May 5, 2011.
http://lawandorderinrussia.org/2011/magnitsky-act-reintroduced-and-expanded-in-the-us-congress/ Magnitsky Act Reintroduced and Expanded in the US Congress. April 19, 2011. .. the Magnitsky Act extends the visa and economic sanctions to those Russian officials who 'participated in the efforts to conceal the legal liability for the detention, abuse, or death of Sergei Magnitsky.' Among the new Russian officials likely to be affected by these sanctions are high-ranking officials including the Head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin; Chair of the Moscow City Court Olga Egorova; and Head of the Russian Interior Ministry's Information Department, Irina Dudukina.
http://www.echo.msk.ru/polls/781325-echo/result.html 04.06.2011. Что для Вас Абхазия и Южная Осетия? - 60%: части Грузии! (What are Abkhazia and South Osetia for you? - 60%: parts of Georgia)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLQSCnTT5-c "ПОКУШЕНИЕ НА РОССИЮ" (Полная Версия). Thesovietstory666 on Feb 11, 2011 (iKGB organized bombing of homes in Russia, in RUssian).
Texts in Vera on similar topics:
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/magnitsr.shtml Список виновных в смерти Магнитского. (In Russian, 2010)
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/absolutemoral.shtml About the absolute moral
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/demo.shtml Democracy for export(2001)
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/kalash.shtml Espana juzga a la mafia rusa (In Spanish)
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/fascisme03.shtml Fascism
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/31e2010.shtml Freedom of assembly
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/forgiveness.shtml Forgiveness
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/gravitsapa.shtml Gravitsapa
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/guerraentrerusiaygeorgiah.shtml Guerra entre Rusia y Georgia (2008)
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http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/nihilisttaboo.shtml Nihilist: Taboos
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http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/winston.shtmlЧерчилль о России
http://samlib.ru/k/kuznecow_d_j/000abc.shtml Alphabetic index
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